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  • Hello there, I made a game for my advanced graphic design class and I submitted it to the arcade. I was wondering if you guys could play it and give me some feedback on what I did good and what I could improve on. The game is called mecha onslaught

  • It's looking pretty good. I like the increasing difficulty. The message warning about the "Rival Mech" was nice. The controls were easy to figure out but it would be nice to get some instruction about them up front.

    A couple constructive suggestions:

    Your mech rotates around the shoulder instead of the center of mass. You need to adjust the location of the sprites origin.

    Warning messages would be better if they were given more focus. In other words, when the rival mech shows up, the message should be big, bold, bright and in the center of focus so the player doesn't miss it.

    Finally, I didn't see a message when the rival mech was destroyed. It was off screen and I kept circling around to find it. I realized it was gone when I just stopped moving and got swarmed by normal soldiers.

    All in all, a good start.

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  • Thanks for the feedback. I centered the origin more on the mech, and I added a instructions that can be accessed from the main menu. I also made the rival mech text bolded, made it bigger and gold and moved it to the lower right where the player can still see it. I also made it so when you destroy the mech the text changes to "Rival Mech Status: Offline"

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