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  • Game is coming along nicely. the concept is working, and in a rough form. In the process of making art, animating and getting things finalized.

    As the game becomes presentable and working I will post more of the gameplay.

    until then, enjoy sneak peaks of art and animations!

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Here, or on the videos.

    Mostly, I just enjoy feedback to help make things the best they can be.

    UPDATE: All new and improved animations!

    Check out the skeletons new and improved walk cycle among other things!

    (compare the above video with this!)

    Animation workflow/idle animation OLD

    This is a long video(about an hour) simply me putting together a character and animation.

    skeleton animation(s) OLD

    Next to be animated:



    Main guy

    Some other stuff





    Bits and pieces

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  • Your skeleton animation looks cool What software are you using ? Im asking because i never seen that before

  • Glad you enjoy the skeleton! I am very happy with it.

    Art is made in photoshop, and animated in spriter.

  • WOW very very nice!! Itching to try out Spriter.

  • I will be animating this soon.

    Currently finishing some other animations and re-doing my previous walk cycles. Turns out after doing a few walk cycles I have gotten better with them



    and Skeleton

    are all mostly done! Will make a video showing the animations soon.

    I have a tree and the dragon in the works. Dragon will be tricky, tree might be done for the video.

  • New update with all new animations.

    One of a couple big changes I made was on the skeleton walk animation, otherwise enjoy the new things.

    As always, feedback is appreciated.

  • Very nice work with spriter, But i don't like the die animation to be fade out.

  • Gotta agree with A0Nasser - that fade out, the way it reveals all the parts just ruins it a bit. It would probably work coupled with some particles or if they just kinda POOF stretch a little bigger and then go thin and scale down to nothing.

  • Looks good. I like the skeleton especially.

    A few bits of feedback.

    -The blob attack could be improved as right now it looks like an excited puppy jumping up and down. You could make it form spikes as it jumps, or perhaps turn it into a ball an get it to strike faster.

    -I would change the position the flying eye attacks, as right now it looks like the hero is getting head.

    -Your fade animations need a bit of tinkering as the all the parts are clearly seen individually. This is because when you overlap two transparent textures that point is not as transparent. The easiest way to fix it is by swapping out the animation on the final frame with one sprite, then fade that.

    Good work though! Keep it up!

  • A0Nasser


    Yeah the fade was actually put in last second simply to demo the animations. I will most likely control how the sprites disappear within spriter, and use a timer to delete them. Still playing around with it. I like the idea of a single sprite to possibly fade.


    I don't have proper collision boxes set up yet, I should be able to raise the bat creature up after proper collision detection is place. I guess for the moment our hero is hmmm I was going to say enjoying himself....but I think he might prefer things other than one eyed bat things, I guess that's the best my game world has to offer him so far haha x.x the poor guy.

    I will take another look at the slime and see what I might change to look more of an attack, but it in particular might stay. The slime is intended to be incredibly weak and useless. It is short lived as far as gameplay is concerned xD

    Thanks everyone for feedback!

    going to be tweaking the animations a bit, and hopefully getting a working demo online.

    Has anyone used the action points or effects etc in spriter? Would be interesting to know if those work or are worth using for collisions and attacks and such. Same for sounds within spriter.

    Related to sounds I have none.... Are there good resources available online? Free or for purchase. Or if any composers might need a commission....I will need sounds at some point.

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