Need ideas for mechanics and game design

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  • I started this game as a learning process in C2. Now i really dont know if i can make it "fun" or in wich direction i should take it.

    Try the very raw alpha here:

    A, S, W, D for controls. 1 and 2 toggles laser and tractor beam.

    I dont know if a more Arcade style is better, with swarms of attackers etc, or more of a rpg with earning cash and buying upgrades, doing mining missions, dragging around ore etc, maybe building a refinery etc, is the way to go.

    I feel it is a little bit flat now. Not the graphics, but the interesting/fun element.

    Anyone has tips ideas for mechanics?

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  • This is fantastic.

    I get the feel that it should be a choose your own adventure.

    Player can buy upgrades, do mining missions as you say.

    He can also be a space pirate and loot other vessels, or join the federation and take down the space pirates.

    I don't know, weave a story, through in 1 major quest, and 3 to 5 mini quests. Give the user some chooses and make sure there is something dramatic happening/about to happen that must be stopped or avoided. Maybe solar system going to explode and he hasn't got enough resources on his broken ship to evacuate and spin a story around getting his ship space travel worthy to escape the doom.

    But, it is gorgeous demo. Fantastic job.

  • I don't know, weave a story, through in 1 major quest, and 3 to 5 mini quests.


    Yes going at it from a story angle can be the thing to do. I guess i'll start mulling it over.

    Thanks again.

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