Need feedback for my new game!!!

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  • Hi,

    Im making a game, and i want to know if you have some feedback for me!!

    it just have one level.

    I just want to know if you think its a good idea for a game!

    Any feedback would be apreciate!

    Forget about the graphics... if you think is a good idea then i will make better graphics

    Sorry for my english!

    URL deleted

    if you want to see the instructions for the game you will need to disable popups

    thanks in advance!


  • Hi

    I just tryed it, well is a little like "flappy birds", don't you think? Is nice for being a first game, and its ok with the controls..

    obviously if you wanna it to become a real game, you need to do something with the graphics.

    In other hand........ so bad for the adfly to see the help, that actually was a blank html page....

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  • I could not see the instructions, just more AdFly spam page.

    The concept seems pretty interesting however.

    Is the ship actually moving through the background? Or is it still and the background an animated object ?

  • Sorry, as forum policy we do not allow adfly links.

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