Need feedback on my early top-down shooter project V2!

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  • I'm making a top down shooter called Enemy Horizons: Assault. I created a topic yesterday, and have now improved it.

    After playing, please answer the survey.


    To plant bomb, collide with a red wall (detonation zone)

    F: Detonate bomb.

    Q: Switch shoulders.



  • Apparently nobody wants to answer the survey...

  • Apparently nobody wants to answer the survey...

    Please don't bump your own thread after less than an hour.

    Users come from many different time zones - have a little patience.


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  • The game looks interesting, but the bullets are almost invisible, which harms those who are playing.

    Has a bug in the sound, where the scenario restarts, the music starts about it yourself, create an event to see if the music is not running.

    Is play "tagmusic" reverse this condition.

  • I'm running out of ammo after a very short time, manage to take down one enemy at best.

    And I second the problem about bullets being invisible on some backgrounds.

    It has a few nice features like the bomb placement and the slo-mo death, but it's quite barebones in other important areas. Like the enemy behaviours, who leave little room for error. Some windows of opportunity in their behaviour to place an ideal attack or some repositioning to readjust one's aim would create a more varied combat experience.

    The bombing didnt seem to have much tactical depth, perhaps it could have more range and hurt enemies. or perhaps just stun them.

    Good start, flesh this out a bit, gonna be good!

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