Need feedback on my early top-down shooter project!

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  • I'm making a pixel top-down shooter called ''Enemy Horizons''. I have sort of finished the first level and need feedback on the game. Thanks.

    Link (Browser HTML):


    F: Detonate bomb

    Q: Switch shoulder

    WASD: Move

    Collide with a red wall to arm bomb.

  • Cool game I played it with a pad, not a real mouse, so it was a bit hard haha

    Here are my remarks:

    • I like the fact that ennemies can hit other ennemies
    • Is it normal that some bullets can go through walls? Red walls especially, all the bullets go through them.
    • When an ennemy is hit by a bullet that passed through a wall, he won't try to search for you. It would be better if he did so instead of letting you kill him.
    • Maybe it would be nice to have a melee attack

    Hope it will help you

  • Really nice

    Here are some thoughts

    I can shoot trough windows, but they can's see me and don't shoot back

    Love the bomb thing, but useless if I can shoot them trough window.

    AI looks a bit lost if they can't see you

    Hard to spot if AI shoots back (at least without sound FX)

    Like the slow motion if you die (and I think you will see this very regularly)

    AI doesn't respond even if their neigbor AI gets shot.

  • Thanks for the feedback. i had implemented a wall-banging (bullets passing trough walls) feature but removed it because the game became too easy. The red walls are not windows, but walls that bombs can destroy. I'm lazy and haven't yet made the bullet destroy itself on collision yet.

    This is my first game with AI, and I make so that it gives an enemy a random number every second. 1-3 is move forward, 4-5 is turn -3 or +3 degrees every frame and 6-8 is nothing. I'll definetly fix the AI, sound effects, AI LOS range and the layout scale.

    But thanks for playing thus far. I'll probably post a new version in a couple of days.

  • And I will make a knife weapon tomorrow. It would down the enemy Line of Sight FOV from 270 to maybe 180 or 135 degrees to allow for more stealthier gameplay.

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  • Cool stuff ; you should add some boss fights and some more enemies and diagonal floor pieces to make it look less blocky

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