Nebula Wars - an MMO Strategy Game

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  • Hi there,

    I started this about a year ago, on and off as my life and job allows. I was inspired by a game I was playing (Star Supremacy) which was badly done and I was curious as to how you would do it. My gaming background was always games like this and I used to run and code a MUD years ago. C2 offered me the graphical client development software that would allow me to explore this and make it look pretty.

    So the aim of the game is to

    * replicate something like EVONY, IMPERION, TRAVIAN in space

    * strategic combat, but no realtime tactical combat

    * persistent universe, scaled for about 10K players, about 200 active simultaneously

    * capable of winning by combat leadership OR commercial leadership (with zero combat)

    * needs no more than 15 minutes a day... but benefits from more

    Technical features

    * a C2 client that primarily constructs queries to the game database and presents data from the database. Mostly static but interactive.

    * token based, time and ip locked security

    * ajax interaction with server. I declined to use webrtc as this is a web game not mobile, and I knew how to scale AJAX better than webrtc. I might change that when ORTC gets adopted.

    * 3 parts, client, REST server interaction, and a custom server engine+MYSQL. The server engine is currently written in PERL. Some things are just better done outside C2. Why Perl.. well I know that well. It could be PHP bits are, and if things get busy I can code aspects in C if I want. So far, I think I'll be delighted if I exceed my current performance limitations.

    Technically the status of the game is that I have most of the core features done. Life is so busy it's hard to keep the progress going but I'd thought I'd show it off anyway. C2 is a hugely powerful engine for this sort of front end. My aim is to keep the client under 5% CPU at all time and as it's strategy rather than action, FPS is not a problem. I would love a better editor and IDE but functionality is fine.

    I hope to keep plugging away at this and get it released for beta over the Summer period (perhaps way too optimistic). I'll keep you informed and in the loop. I've setup a website as a placeholder but hopefully i'll start adding info once I feel more confident.

    Some images... most of the art is public domain but some is not. If I am going to go public, I'll have to hire someone to reskin the design. That's not a problem, all screens are procedurally generated.

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  • It looks great! good job

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