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  • Hello,

    Here's a little game, I'm working on for several weeks.

    There are a lot of bug, nothing is really playable in the state, but this should give an idea of the style of game.

    It's very fun to do (even if it takes a long time), Construct is really great !

    All your opinions are welcome

    little demo here :

  • look forward to seeing more of this

  • very good graphics.

    I think the player walks too slow, it could be a little bit faster.

  • Promises really well, I say too that is better to do ASAP a run-mode.

    Keep it up!

  • Great job, it has a lot of potential!

    I noticed that the walking angle is not what the buildings and fences were angled at, which makes the game feel less polished.

    It's really a good start though. Keep it up!

  • I also have to say that the game works fine and the idea is nice, but also i think that are enough games of this genre available at the game-market.

    I´m a friend of survival games, but many titles of this genre are never completed. So, what you will do to make your game different from all the other survival games? Tell us your story.

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  • Thank you all for your comments!

    I added a running speed with the middle mouse button. But the character animation is not yet done, I discovered blender and I'm not a fast guy..


    There is indeed a problem with the movement. This probably comes from my fake 3d iso (I do not know much). I'll try to work around the problem by changing the speed of movement according to the axis.


    My thinking was not so far I created this game especially to learn to use Constuct & Blender.

    That said, the demo does not show much, I have some fun ideas

    A new version is online:

  • I totally couldn't figure out how to light a campfire and put it on the ground.

  • You must right click the campfire on the inventory and left click on the ground where you want to put the item (firecamp or other).

    You must clic in the white area, otherwise the action is canceled.

  • Very nice start!

  • Very nice project

  • I just think the water ends up too fast, I got water not know where because I don't saw water on the floor

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