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  • Intro

    Hey guys! Last month I started a game project that I wanted to make for years. I'm currently naming "MyIndieProject". Everyday I'm recording some seconds of progress of the development and I'm planning to do a full documentary about the process of making a game as a indie developer with the footage I'm shooting of the dev process.

    About the game

    "MyIndieProject" is a plataform and beat'em up game (with co-op multiplayer) heavly inspired in old school games like metroid, castlevania and megaman. The game is in it early development phase, but you can already see some progress of the gameplay and art.

    Click on the image to play a video

    Day 2 - Working on player moviment and animation

    Day 7 - Adding some more moviment on player and some enemies to interact with

    Day 17 - Replacing placehold sprites with currently gameart

    You can also check some gameplay in action on this youtube video

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    Parting words

    I'm currently posting the everyday progress of the project on my instagram, be sure to check it out and follow me if you liked it! ;D

    Also, I would reeeeeally apreciate some feedback. (;

    Thanks guys! (:

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