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    To real time multiplayer

    Byte Sized Heroes

    A game made in Construct 2, completely rebooted. You'll see the first clip from the old, original version at the bottom of this post. It's dang good looking, but not what I was going for.

    MegaMan and Smash Bros. bred to make the combat of the game. Fighting with similar controls and behavior to Smash Bros. with attacks, abilities, and armors inspired by MegaMans style, with a lot of influence from many games. Including, but not limited to: DuckTales, Super Metroid, Sonic the Hedgehog, FullTilt Pinball (Yes, I'm working on a Pinball level and armorset), and many more.

    Music created by the famous DDRKirby. Take a gander:

    Beautiful artwork, ranging from colorful characters to detailed worlds.

    Multiplayer, all the way. Games are always better when shared with a friend.

    Awesome story wrote by the very unqualified me!

    Finished game = NX exclusive. Because <3Nintendo<3. Yupp, I'm a fanboy.

    Byte Sized Heroes is designed to capture the heart of the player in an empathetic way. It's also designed to look as artistically retro while doing so. And so, the art style looks like an odd mix of detailed photo-realistic sci-fi and common pixel art games. An art style almost directly inspired by Mega Man Zero and ZX.

    Byte Sized heroes, as far as story goes, takes the player along the tale of Byte. Byte's name's significance is that he was the first "Elf" to ever be created. His purpose, to fight for the UNJ, the United Nations of Japan, against an army of robots.

    You see, "Elves" in Byte Sized Heroes are robots too. The difference being that the robotic body is directly controlled and manipulated using the power of the "Fairy", a chip set inside of robotic armor. Typically, the "Fairies" are the souls of lost soldiers, who had previously laid their lives on the line to fight for their cause.

    Byte, though, was a special case. Byte was never a soldier. In fact, he was only a boy. The story of his past and tragic death will be in the story mode. Heheh :3 I'm so evil!

    Anyways, players can tackle the game via co-op split screen. This will allow players to experience the game together. Rather than playing as a copy and paste version of the main character, each player will go a separate route, as a separate character. What character the second character is will be those available that join the player in the mission.

    You see, the game is of the Metroidvania genre. This means that every pixel of area in the game can be explored at almost all times. There will be limitations to certain areas at certain times throughout the game, but it will be mostly open world. This means that splitting the players up would work perfectly. (Though, the limitations are obvious. Two players on the same screen can't exist in different layouts [I've not tested this, but I'm getting ready too just in case, this is just an assumption]. Basically, the players would have to wait on eachother a bit to progress. Not too big of a deal, IMO)

    Online Multiplayer is also split screen multiplayer. Limit your game size to four, and you have a split screen only game. Split screen works in conjuction with online multiplayer, by adding seperate input values for each local player. The amount of players is sent to the host of a match, and PeerID variables on masks are given a "--0, -1, -2, -3" for which local player the mask belongs to respectively.

    As you can see, it's a big task. As you can also see, most of the multiplayer stuff is complete. The alpha will be out soon, and you'll be able to give me more input then. For now, what do you think of the game so far? Does it sound good? Is the art style good enough? Any flaws you might see in the game, please let me know!

    Also, I'm working a one man development team at the moment.

    P.S. Some of the backgrounds are filler for now, as more of a demonstration. I've been talking to an environmental artist who can paint like a total boss, I'll likely replace everything with his work. The pixel work is all done by me, including tilemaps.

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