Mr Stick Vs the 2D Crew - Mini-demo

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This is a twin stick shooter similar to Enter the gungeon,Nuclear Throne, Helldivers & Soul knight for the mobile device

    My first demo of Mr Stick Vs The 2D Crew!!!

    (Check out updates at

    You'll see very quickly that it is an incomplete demo. There is still much to be completed, but I'm going to get all of that worked out quickly.

    === UPDATE ===

    Here is a working track for the game (not yet added to the demo), as well.


    A quick note about the 2D Crew baddies.

    Square: Moves back and forth in a predetermined area. Will jump wildly when Mr Stick gets near.

    Trapezoid: "Harmless", but will spawn Circles that track Mr Stick and will explode after so much time...

    Circle (non-spawned): Patrols a given area slowly.

    Octagon: These mono-eyed fiends hang in the air and will spin from green to red, red to green. Beware when red!

    There are two other enemies that still need to be finished up... Rectangle (an expanding and contracting "platform") and Triangle (also an expanding and contracting fiend, but deadly to touch!). They will be implemented later.

    If you die (lose all three hearts), just hit the F5 key to reload the game.

  • I like, is different

  • Nice work Rhindon, this project is off to a great start! I really like the unique style of this game. And the way Mr Stick crumbles, and falls apart when he dies, is very cool!

    Good luck, I look forward to seeing more

  • iceangel - Thank you! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> I know the game design won't be absolutely groundbreaking, but I appreciate that you feel it's unique in its own right. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> That means a lot.

    Blacksmith - I have to give 99% of the credit to my artist, Pascal Belisle. While I am the original creator of Mr Stick's look, it was Pascal who took the art design to a whole new level when he came on board later.


    I started out with Mr Stick's grid-based look because I felt it would be easier to keep his dimensions (head size, arm length, etc) accurate frame-to-frame by literally drawing him in a graph-paper-ish set-up in MS Paint. I'm NOT an artist! LOL That's what I started with a stick man in the first place.

    When Pascal took over the art and animation, he literally blew my mind with his samples. The scenery and background were things I could never hope to do, myself, and they totally kept with the grid-based style. When he started doing the enemies, he added the "evil" faces and, what were once just shapes with behaviors, took on new life. I adapted what he did - such as the eyes following Mr Stick...that wasn't part of his original work - and tweaked bits here and there to fit better with the game design... But yeah, the art is definitely all because of Pascal.

    In fact, he's also working on the music... He's got a working track with some 8-bit themed parts to fit with the mega-pixelized art design. I just haven't learned how to add sounds to the game yet. That's coming soon.

    ALSO! To both of you...

    Pascal would SURELY love for a chance to team up, I'm sure. Here's his Facebook page so you can message him:

    And here is his website for examples of his music composition. He'd REALLY love to do work on an RPG, so you may find his tracks to be particularly suited for such a game.

    He's very easy-going and happy to be of help. Just let him know that Michael Miller (of Xion Dev Group).

    Thanks, guys!

  • Hey Rhindon,

    Yep Pascal has done a really good job with those images, although we shouldn't forget that you're the one that made it all come to life

    I'll certainly check out more of his work, thanks for the tip

  • Blacksmith - Thank you for that.

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  • I think it has some potential. I did get a little confused when I was frozen a few times. At first, I thought the game had bugged out but, thenmy wife figured out it was the red light/green light thingies.

    I'd like to see some more levels to play through.

  • - LOL Yeah, I definitely need to address that in-game. Sorry for the confusion. I'm still working on the finer points of the enemies and controls and all... But more levels will surely come. Thank you for check it out!

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