Mosquito Terror

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  • Don't you hate it too.. You're trying to sleep after an exhausting Day's work and then you hear that sound... first only slightly so you're not sure if you're imagining but you pray that it isn't what you think it is... then it gets louder... Bzzzzzzzzzzzz....

    You have two Options: either get up and hunt the little beast or keep on pretending to sleep with the knowledge that sooner or later the sound will stop and you'll feel a sting...

    This is pretty much what inspired my first little Game in Construct 2

    The game runs, i still need to implement a raising difficulty level and currently i'm working on the Animation of the Guy in the Bed. Backgrounds and the Mosquito are pretty much finished though.

    Light's on, he's fleeing!

    He's getting closer....

    Thanks a lot to the great Scirra Community and especially LittleStain who anwered my Noob Questions in the Forum I'll keep you updated...

  • Hi Guys...

    Well, the Game would be on Track i finished pretty much all the Graphics but i had a Problem with the Mosquito Spawning. Anyways for some Reason, my whole Switch On/Off System is broken now. I disabled all the Code except for the Switch and it still won't work anymore. It worked perfectly all this time, i have no idea whats going on.

    Could someone of you have a look at it? Maybe i'm overlooking something. It basically should turn the lights off when you press on the Green Placeholder Square in the bottom right corner... ... sp=sharing


  • Both sub-events after pressing square will be done because first event change light to off and second sub-event check if its off soo you know... Try removing sub events and make one "On mouse press" and "light = on" and another one "On mouse press" and "light = off"... Hope you get it, my english is bad.

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  • Thanks for your help Roal465 No worries about the english, i understand you perfectly fine

    I tried what you said but it still doesn't react at all to any clicking. I really don't get it, it worked perfectly fine :/ For some reason it seems to not switch my variables anymore... No idea why that is suddenly...

    I updated the CAPX File with your suggested Changes...

  • Okay, i managed to get it running again. I had to make Subevents again but instead of comparing Variables two times it had to be an "Else" block with the second subcondition...

    Can someone explain to me, why it wouldn't work when i just do it manually instead of adding an Else? What's the real difference there? I'm still trying to learn as much as i can, so i'm trying to understand these kind of things... Thanks!!

    ANOTHER PROBLEM though: if i turn the switch on and off quickly and then leave it turned off, it spawns multiple Mosquitos. But i always just want to spawn ONE at a time. There should never be more than one active... Any ideas on how to achieve that? I tried trigger once but that obviously doesn't work since its still spawning as soon as the lights are off... The other thing i tried was to make the Spawn Action into a Group and deactivating it as soon as the Mosquito Variable is set to 1. But that doesn't work either... Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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