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  • Hi,

    I want to show you my project to have some feedbacks and comments.

    Because it's the very beginin I can't show you a lot of stuff because I want to be sure about the gameplay and features before.

    I will show you some screen before explanation because I know you will look at the pics before you start reading ^^

    For now, it's just a prototype. The UI and the design is not final at all, it's just to test the gameplay.

    The idea is :

    • You have a character (that you will be able de customize at the end, sex, hairs, colors..)
    • The Score is equal of the amount of gold you have
    • To have gold, you need to explore dungeons and cave, beat some creatures and steal some treasures.
    • There will be a lot of type of dungeons. But each dungeon will be generated. I mean that the enemys inside, their positions, the positions of the chests and traps will be random (but with ratio)
    • The dungeons will be harder and harder and you can't explore all the dungeons if you don't have some special items
    • The battle systeme is my main problem. I not sure what is the best, but I will explain my point of view later.
    • Each drop will be unique. Objects have stats. (I don't know how to do this for now. I will need some advice for this)
    • There will be a shop to buy or sell stuff as well.

    Extra ideas :

    • Maybe, we will have the possibility to invest our money in a little village. To make it grow and earn more money in the future.
    • I want some unique choice, very unique. To make the game different for each player and change the character's job.
    • Also, we can think about a dungeon builder, like for the game The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. You will have your own dungeon and people will be able to test it if they have the right level.
    • We can think about a online market as well.
    • And more stuff.

    The Fight System

    For now it's something that I don't really like at the end. I though it can be good be I don't really like it. So tell me if you have any ideas.

    The character moves automatically. You have 3 buttons. One to use the weapon, one to use a spell, and one to use the shield. If you press on any button. The character stops, attacks, uses the spell or the shield, then moves on.

    The spell depends of your equipment and can be different. Like a simple fireball, a heal, a stun etc etc, there is a lot of possibility.

    Each action has a cooldown which depends of the stats and weapon/spell.

    The enemys move to the left automatically as well. If you don't press the attack button at the right time, you will be hurt by them, and you will jump back a bit. Be careful of the attack cooldown. If you touch the monster with your attack, it will jump back too. Some monster will move very fast, some other will have some range attack etc.

    At the end of every dungeon, there is a boss. The problem is that the boss doesn't move. He can't jump back. So what I made is that every time the attack sucess, the hero jumps back and so on.

    I'm not very happy with this.

    Why did I make this ?

    I wanted the player to have some dynamic control, and not just a strategy game, before the dungeon. Maybe I don't need to jump back stuff. Maybe I just need the spell. I don't know.

    I want to know your point of view about this.

    Maybe it's not clear. I will post a demo soon. But a lot is not implemented yet. The unique loot for example.

    I'm not sure how to manage unique items. For now I'm using a database of object. So each items have the same stats. But I want that when you loot something, The item is randomly picked in the object list, then randomly tweaked (more or less powerfull) what is the best solution for this?

    So there is no equipment system, just a +1 button to level up and debug.

    There is no spell as well.


    (ps: Yes, English is not my main language..)

  • Looking good

    I'm making a game based on loot too

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  • looks awesome!

  • Love the style. I am a picky gamer and I would honestly give this a shot if I came across it on the mobile market.

    Thanks for posting your progress!

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