Metroid:ZM Engine (Metroidvania Prototype)

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  • This is a "basic" Metroid: Zero Mission engine I developed as a base for an original title, and to see if a metroidvania could be built in Construct 2 without a custom/external editor, dynamic room loading, culling, 3rd party plugins, etc. Sure can! There is an overview in the video description for those who are interested in doing something similar.

  • To be honest, I have no clue what most of you wrote is even about, but the game looks really nice, especially the details like water movement, inventory/hud, and so on.

  • really nice work with the engine, Im working in a metroidvania engine too.

  • Wahou impressive work.

    What did you plan with it ?

    release the engine ?

    reskin the game to make your how ?

  • Excellent! I super appreciate your work here, and your detailed explanation of how you worked out the minimap and inventory screen. I've got a SOTN project on the back-burner right now, that could greatly benefit from this. Nice job!

  • Very, very impressive. Shows the true potential of C2!

  • Great work , very inspirational .

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  • The water effect is awesome.

    Can you share how we can make this effect.

  • back in 2013 i start to make a contra like game. And i got stuck in the controlling of my character. the problem was that when i press lets say the right/or left arrow for movement and at the same time press the up arrow the character run and shoot diagonal. up+right/left= movement to right/left and shoot diagonal.the problem is the mix of those actions. Can you provide the code only with your character moving and shooting?i dont care about anything else (backround images sounds etc.only the moving and shooting codes.thanks in advance.

  • I've been caught up on getting everything for the website/greenlight and kickstarter done in the last week. When that's done, I'd love to get with you on this. Ironically, that should allow me to keep in touch a bit better (considering I don't have the rep for private messages yet XD). I'd love to get some feedback/idea's on something similar. I think that a remastered/remake of the SNES series would be pretty epic.

  • This looks really impressive! Nice work so far!

  • Can we have the .capx for this? This looks great as research material.

  • This is the best I've ever seen someone use Construct2, kudos!

  • How did you do your doors? Me when the character travel a door, he go to the position he has on the layout editor, but I want him next to the door

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