Metroidvania Room Transitions

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  • Created a quick .capx file for Metroidvania style room transitions. This doesn't include a "transition" screen so to speak at this moment it just moves your player from room to room without having to add a ton of events. Currently it works off of two events, one to detect door collision and load the new layout, and another to spawn the player at the correct door. Setup is fairly quick, just putting in the door collision object where needed and setting instance variables to show where the door takes you and where you came from. Only reason I am posting here is because I had a really hard time finding any free simple fixes for this issue. So I thought I would share mine, download link below.


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  • hehe very nice, wish i found this like a year ago would have saved me some trouble.

    my system is preety much similar except instead of using 2 variables to offset the x and y spawn, i use one string variable that correlate to teleporter imagepoints

    i creatE several imagepoints on the teleporter called "mid", "left", or "right"

    a string variable called spawn

    and set each teleporter variable to where you want to spawn

    and on start of layout create object at teleporter.imagepointX("teleporter.spawn")


    both methods work, just giving my 2 cents

    hope it helps other people.

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