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  • After trying to beat fusion in under an hour(using in game timer). I only just did(58:43). I could of saved time by not using recharge rooms. However I saw loads of remakes for other Metroid games just not fusion.

    __My Aim__

    Fusion was an excellent game, upset that Dread never getting released.

    So you may ask my aim? Well simple, recreate fusion in modern graphics. Not that but extend the game to have actions that change the story of the game. Refuse to listen to Adam or obey him. Upto you, also the game will use time as a function, the longer you spend in a sector the more dangerous others become. You can prevent this by destroy habitable hives that will randomly spawn. There is more planned but I have not confirmed anything thing yet.

    • Multiplayer Combat mode
    • More sectors
    • More bosses
    • Same start story, different ending

    Background is place holder.

    Want to help? Contact me though

    Facebook or Gmail().



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  • Interesting project.

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