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  • Kevin MacLeod doesn't have much for chiptune music (if that's what you're after), but there's lots of other stuff to choose from.

    I really like what I see so far! Coming from someone who is also working on a Metroid-like, I can really appreciate what you are doing.

  • ryanrybot - Thanks so much man. Can I see your project somewhere?

  • hey mudmask thank you very much for explaining how you did the the geemers.

    I was working on a similar enemy type some time ago and I was also using two more sprites as you did as "detectors".

    But using multiple sprites makes everything more complicated... so I will try your approach which seems to be much nicer.

    I did't have time to look at your latest prototype, but i will probably at the weekend.

    So thanks again and keep up the good work .

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  • No problem mudmask !

    I don't have anything I'm ready to publish yet, but I have a screenshot of what I'm working on...

  • TKesse - yeah man, I've found that having booleans triggered when a detector picks up an object, and then working out the possible outcomes of the flag combinations (front is yes, bottom is no -> turn right, etc.) is more efficient than working out all the possibilities of detector combinations. you'll probably be detecting more than just a tilemap object, for example, but if all you have to do is activate a flag, it becomes more simple.

    - that's got a real blaster-master vibe to it. did you create those graphics?

  • I sure did,

    Not to derail your thread any more than I have already, I noticed in your game that you shoot a low bullet if you start moving while you are shooting.

  • ryanrybot I noticed that too at times, it has to do with switching the animation from the standard running animation to running + shooting. Gonna definitely put a fix to that along with some other bugs. thanks homie.

  • Updated build can be accessed here:

    A couple of notable updates

    1. New enemies

    2. New terrain elements

    3. Gravity and Physics modifying zones

    4. Some map UI updates

    5. New mission objective (Search and Destroy)

    Be sure to check the map for your objectives. Also, ryanrybot, I fixed that bug you pointed out!

    Thanks everyone for all the encouraging feedback! Getting to a point where I can start fleshing out some of the other aspects of the game (the level select screen, title screen, mission summary / ranking).

  • The gravity/physics zone in Level 4 doesn't affect the jump, breaking the illusion that it sets up by dragging the walk animations and such.

    Great work with the water/lava liquids, I like how you made the player move slower inside them.

    Was getting the AI to work a problem? They work pretty smoothly!

  • Nesteris - good call! Thanks for checking it out. The only AI issue I'm having right now is with the geemer. I need to convert it to delta time or some how figure out how to make it frame rate independent. Right now it's moving 16 pixels, checks surroundings, and then moves again. If the frame rate dropped it would go super slow, as oppose to the hoppers who actually just use platform movement. Other than that, the hardest part was making sure that they stayed on the screen and weren't active if they weren't on screen or the screen was scrolling.

  • [quote:106gjitp]Other than that, the hardest part was making sure that they stayed on the screen and weren't active if they weren't on screen or the screen was scrolling.

    You could make an event to check if they're visible on screen or not, and if they're not just disable them or set their time scale to zero.

  • juicy graphics!

  • burningcake - thanks man, they've been marinating for a bit.

  • mudmask, it's really awesome to see it coming together so quickly.

    Also, I will definitely keep you in mind when I get around to putting some enemies in-game.

  • Definitely a well put together game. Just make the levels a bit bigger to allow some preparation once the camera switches to the next room.

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