MERCENARY - men at war... (a strategic clicker game)

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    just a weekend concept...




  • haha nice! I'm working on something similar to this at the moment, I suck at art though so only the mechanics are in

  • changed the artwork for upcomming enhancements (more fighter types, different buildings and an extra szenario)

    the gameplay (mechanics) is also set rough: it's all about gold.

    you play aginst 1..3 groups (depends on the selected playground).

    each group have a limited ammount of gold from the beginning - each fighter takes gold.

    You (and the AI) can set for each own building:

    - the destination (building) to attack

    • the fighter type to spawn (different types with it's own power, speed, armor and health, but for different costs[gold])
    • the spawn frequency

    If you/the AI have enough cash new fighter are spawned automatically.

    The winner of a fight collects the gold the opponents gold.

    Destroying a building reduces the possibilitie to spawn fighter and is good for gold.

    Once a castle is down the group is out - the attacking group gets' all the losers gold.

    You/the AI can collect treasures for more gold.

    That's the idea so far....

    You can now scroll the battlefield.


  • So it is a tower defense game? Looks good. Since you can't control the fighters I guess the strategy will come in with which building type to spawn. Is the distance a factor or can you place the buildings only in certain locations? I am currently making a game where you can move the characters to fight 1on1 like this but it's more about the construction as it used to be a theme park sim.

  • Sort of tower defense - more dynamic.

    With the concept I tried to balance both groups to be equal in strength - this is not easy.

    And as a result i recognised, that the positions of the towers are highly important for the resulting game progress depending on how the pathfinding works.

    So why not make it a good thing and create different szenarios the opponents are in a better situation?

    This will be the challenge of the player - to compensate this disadvantage with a strategic use of the units.

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  • Some update...

    The main game balance is set.

    There are some treasures for the fighter to collect and of cause many opponents.

    Could you please take a look at it and post suggestions so far? (timing issues, stuck fighter, confusing behavior at all)

    meanwhile i add the tower menu where you can set the fighter type to spawn, the spawn frequency and the spawned fighter destination.

    There will be three types of fighter (each group) with different speed, power, health, armor of cause with diferent costs.


  • added the setup dialog for the player towers.

    With the dialog you can set the spawning mercenary type and choose the fix destination enemy tower for the selected player tower (click on the destination tower) or reset the destionation to random (click ?-castle).

    To open the setup just click on a player tower or click anywhere to close it without changes.

    Chosse the spawning mercenars icon to choose.

    (G=gold per mercenary, Sp=speed, St=strength, H=health)

    rmb to zoom


    I have to balance the game parameters again...

    I will also add the spawntimer...

    The enemy AI!

    I will add a menu, a lot of szenarios and a splash screen & help screen...


  • finished the tower setup functions.

    Now you can choose the mercenary type (of 3): simple, fast, strong

    set the respawn rate (with a gauge) and choose the destination for the towers.



  • I'm unter attack and all my mercenaries are far away and on their business

    Now you can call your merceanries to a position.

    click and hold to set the flag and the range.

    All mercenaries within the range will go to the flag.

    Once arrived they're looking for work.

    If the flag is destoyed (double click) the called mercenaries will return to their previous job.


    you can gather your mercenaries

    you can call them to defend a building

    call them to attck a building

    and you kill enemies with a hore of fighters


  • Some objects become extra tresures!


  • Some objects become extra tresures!


    looks very nice ^^

  • It's looking cool, damn I wish I could do cute art like this. Guess I'll need to hire an artist.

  • OMG

    They have a dragon!!!

    He seems to be very idle at the moment - but I'm shure this might change very soon.



    looks very nice ^^

    Thank you!

    ...damn I wish I could do cute art like this..

    Yaeh me too - I bought the sprites

  • Menu and help screen added.

    And a lot of optimizing and balancing.

    It's not perfect but it works.

    Framerate should now better - works fast with firefox and more stable with chrome/ie

    Search for the worthy objects and place a flag on it to earn a lot of gold!


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