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  • I try build a game i played few years ago

    Memory game

    U have numbers show up for 5-10 sec After 5-10 sec they disappear and new numbers show up in the bottom of the screen and you have to place them in the right order,

    the score show up only when you place all the numbers in the whitebox.

    This how it should be:

    Place random numbers in premade positions

    Set opacity 0 for comparison with objects Numbers2

    Place new random numbers[Numbers2] in premade positions[bottom of the screen and by random order]

    If all numbers as been place in the White Boxes show Score and disable numbers drag and drop doesn't have to be the correct answer.

    the game i have mange to built: /@s/i7wprc6s3j5jkkp/@Memory%20numbers%20game.c3p?dl=0@ [delete all @ and add WWW] they modify my url

    make random numbers in the premade position after 5-sec set opacity to 0 create white boxes,

    create new numbers in bottom of the screen + enable drag and drop

    when all numbers touch the white boxes show score [didn't work well]

    Questions i want to ask

    The game i did is mostly done by compare 2 object[frames in this case]

    There is any way to record which object[frame] in what place ?

    How to make sure that all Ob2 are in the right place and then show the score ?

    Not the right answer but make sure all of them place in the white boxes.

    I new to construct 2

    I Want to improve in building games and i think i need to learn more about managing data

    What is the exact topic name i looking for [ save records of many object and then read them for comparison ]

    Local storage ?

    Dictionary ?

    Ajax ?

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