Megaman/Postman Prototype *Updated9/12*

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  • Hiya's,

    I just finished my first prototype of a game after months of ideas and test levels and decided on a Megaman styled platformer with some twists. It's in the visual style of a snes game but with some modern enhancements.

    The basic idea is like the levels in Megaman, each package to deliver is a level on a different world, since he's a space postman. (Think futurama with a visual style kinda like pikmin.)

    Anyway the prototype is done with basic gameplay elements. Nothing fancy mostly as I needed to see if it was possible for me to even attempt being my first try at game development, as I'm primarily an artist and know nothing of code. I think it's pretty well refined though so far but of course still not complete. It's already got some tricky platforming though so see if you can beat it without getting hurt.

    (Updated) The links are now for node webkits, one for osx and one for windows.



    (Please ignore the lame main menu, it was just a test.)

    It's all placeholder art, besides the basic main character design and a small teaser of one of the enemies you'll face hidden on one of the levels. Hope you can find him!

    I welcome all feedback including negative, as it's better to know what's bad so I can make it not bad.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Hi

    You should upload the game to your dropbox account, see dropbox tutorial in the tutorial section.

    Or export it as node webkit.

  • Thanks for the tip A0Nasser, I just updated the main post with dropbox links for the node webkit version of it. Both a windows and osx version so everyone can try it and I also added some screenshots too.

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