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  • Hello everyone,

    for a better part of this year I've been working on a game called Masters of March. I wanted to design a turn based strategy that is easily playable on mobile devices, so that means portrait mode, short sessions 5-10 minutes.

    I came up with this concept of a moving battlefield, your armies are placed at the bottom (easy for finger reach) and the enemies are at the top. The battle system is fairly simple, zero sum, rock - paper - scissors style. To mix it up I added terrain that influences the battlefield and resources that you can collect and buy new armies.

    Masters of March plays like a roguelike game. There are rewards for leveling up but death is permanent.

    Right now I am ready to test the game, it's pretty tutorial heavy and this is my biggest concern.

    I would love it if you can provide some feedback, it's playable on scirra arcade: ... march-1166

    If you like the game feel free to follow it on


    or check out the website

    and twitter

    Version 0.9288 notes:

    • no sounds yet
    • no music volume slider (only on/off button)

    Planned features:

    • defense building system
    • story

    Thanks for checking it out. Any feedback is appreciated.

  • Nice work! feels polished and smooth. Only thing i would wish for would be a little bit more interesting background and units on the battlefield.

  • Very cool concept. Have you considered folding some of the tutorials into the main 'march'? So, the first levels would be less complex, and you could introduce more complex mechanics as you go.

    How awesome would a multiplayer PVP mode be?

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  • Thanks for the comments.


    Yes, one of the things I'm working on is the story on the new backgrounds that complement it, so it definitely going to be added before the official release.


    That's the idea I had with the tutorials, to start with the simple stuff and add more complex stuff as you progress. It was easier to implement it on the static (Trial) levels because the March mode is randomized with enemy, terrain and resource drops.

    Interesting idea about the multiplayer. I haven't considered it yet but if the game is successful on the market, I'll be developing it further and multiplayer will be on the list

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