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  • Hi guys! i'm making a game for iOS and i'm running an indiegogo campaign to help me finish it which you can check here if you have a minute

    I would also be really happy if you tried the demo here on gamejolt and tell me what you think of this concept

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  • Great concept, I found it fun! Excellent use of one button gameplay.

    However, for a game this precise you should probably not use time delta. I was getting a lot of fluctuations of fps and therefore ball bounce height on my iPhone 4s and it was frustrating to miss a bounce because of it, which was pretty often (then again, perhaps the frame rate fluctuation without time delta could mess with the timing and might be even more affecting of the gameplay. I dunno, I guess it would require play testing).

    Also, there was a bug at the end of the fourth level right before the last spike where the ball disappeared - it wasn't destroyed by a spike - and I couldn't complete the level.

  • Hmm I see what you're saying, but when I try it using the Cocoon JS app I get 60 fps constantly and those problems disappear, in fact I noticed that bug of the ball disappearing only happens when there's fps flutuation. So, I guess I'm gonna stick to time delta.

    Great concept, I found it fun! Excellent use of one button gameplay.

    Ohh thank you so much! That means a lot!

    PS: How is your game going? I saw it some time ago and I remember it looked really interesting!

  • Whatever works. Btw, I forgot to mention I like how challenging it is. I find many mobile games simply too easy.

    As for Shards, thanks, it's, uh... well, let's just say innovation is hard sometimes.

  • Oh I see, it is quite an ambitious project but I really wish you the best of lucks If you need any help or just want someone to talk to about your game, hit me back.

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