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  • Heya everyone, above is what I've been working on, in my spare time

    Also please forgive the graphics, I'm not an artist and I haven't got artists yet so it's a jumble of sprites from the bundle and other free sprites gathered from the net.

    It's also set up for beta testers on Android so if you want to join that, let me know. Please only do so if your willing to answer a few questions and engage with me every now and again. For example I need testers to help me set the gold, silver and bronze times, wouldn't do me much good if my testers didn't talk to me lol

    Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy the game.

    Edit* P.S. I just remembered that build of the game doesn't have an explaination for one of the tiles; The forced direction tile (Red and blue arrow). Will force the robot in the direction of the arrow and it does not use the programmed move.

    Edit** I've removed the link for now, if your interested in becomming a beta tester just let me know

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