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  • Hi, I have an idea to create a game where you are a guy that need to find your ring that you lost in a party, I will be putting a protoype of how will be the levels of the game.. The design will be different too, I will find someone to do the design for me.

    https:// arcade/ action-games/ the-lost-ring-843

    The history is that you lost your ring on a party in Tommy's House and Harry find it and told you to go found but when you got in the place Harry say that you will need to pay him with 20 things. Each level you will find one of the things he need. In the start of the game the player would chose one "profession" that would be the Harry's profession, and depending of Harry's profession the player would need to collect 20 different things. For Example:

    If Harry is a Pirate he will need:

    1 - Chests

    2 - Locks

    3 - Ships

    4 - Swords

    5 - Sails


    If Harry is a Medician he will need:

    1 - coats

    2 - dressings

    3 - containers of nitrogen

    4 - defibrillator


    This prototype is in english but the game will probably be in PT-BR because I'm from Brazil... What do you guys think of the idea? I will be posting here while I go updating the game

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