Lords of the Underground Realm

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  • Hello forum! It's my first time back here since being a new user - I've been off on my own, cast out from the world of regular access to the internet. I turned this game out over the last few weeks for the Jam, and I'm looking for general feedback in these last few days

    LotUR: https://www.scirra.com/arcade/underground-jam/lords-of-the-underground-realm-2245

    I'm especially interested in answers to these questions,

    but will appreciate general feedback and ways to improve!

    • I'm aware the game is text-heavy - I'm an English Lit graduate, words are my speciality - if anyone can think of a better way of conveying the information I'd be very grateful! The next point is related, really:
    • I'm worried the key concept of the game is lost - that you should use the passive abilities of other adventurers to help you survive. Folks seem to be losing fairly quickly! If anyone can think of a good way of highlighting or improving this aspect, I'd love to hear.

    Anyway, it's good to be back, forum

  • instant classic! it's intricate, but hey that's the charm. you could highlight the passive skills with some hud alert, kinda: "OVERWATCH active" when the current chara gets near the ranger. that'd help the player to count on it, i think.

    love the no-nonsense aesthetics and the midish music too. even the title rocks.

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  • Thanks man - yeah, some kind of flashing indicator when the effect was activated would make sense. I'll see if I can work that in tomorrow morning. Thanks again for the praise! Check out the latest update

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