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  • Hope you get rid of those crashes, that's no good!

    Before you go too far down the very low-resolution pixel art, take a look at some of the later CAVE shmups, they are a happy medium in my eyes.

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    Skip ahead to around minute 9:00 to see some of the more modern shmups, they look glorious.

    Good luck with the project, that is so cute and nice to have your daughter work on the art, I am always trying to get my older son to help me out also, still looking for an in, he might help me with story and dialogue, he's a great writer and for video game dialogue, being used to being limited to 140 characters or less per line is actually a plus!

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  • So.. the sun finally came out here in the UK after another never-ending winter..

    ..So Im feeling positive and am positing a vid. This is where I am at...

    Ive gone back to a pixel art style. changed the aspect ratio slightly so its a bit higher. will I stick with it?... I dont know. Also trying to make this 3D scaling work, just about got it but all the waypoints Ive put in by hand on the constuct 3 array editors just to test so still need to build that functionality into my editor so I can make a lot of them quickly for the game. Other than that Im trying to put the lives system in , the menu system in and level change and reset ect. The usual things in a game that you never think about but they sure are PITA to get right. Cos Im such a damn noob and this game is essentially just continually building on "my first game" I never used different layouts to for different levels. Im thinking this is going to be a bit of an issue going forward but we'll see. Also the framerate tanks when a lot of enemies overlap so that will need to be sorted. Oh yea and there is a really annoying bug where 1 in 30 games some of the enemies decide to wandering off the screen so you cant kill them. This may be a show stopper as I haven't been able to figure out why they are doing this. Or maybe Ill just have to hack in a backup plan so when it happens i direct them back. So yes currently its in a pretty mess but Im chipping away slowly.

    As usual all graphics are placeholder.

    I think I will post the next vid in the C3 forum as Ive been using C3 for a couple of months now. So bye bye C2 its been an awesome and enlightening trip.

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