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  • Thing about never having made games before is you spend alot of time just doing things wrong so you can figure out how to do them right.

    I took a picture off deviant art and cut it up to try to re-create it with construct but in moving parallax

    The buildings are generated randomly

    Think of it as an eye and engine test that failed on both accounts.

    A good lesson in how NOT to make parallax background for a shmup.

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  • The more i look at this, the more i get a Darius feel to it. So when do we get to demo ?

  • The more i look at this, the more i get a Darius feel to it. So when do we get to demo ?

    yep very much a darius thing

    demo up - Lolz Invaders

  • Cryptwalker

    Sorry that was juvenile.

    Actually good question which I haven’t really thought about,

    have been doing healthy / outdoorsy things on the weekends over the summer so haven’t been putting much hours in

    but am intending to go into hermit game dev mode soon.

    Still, I can only work on it maybe 5 hours on a weekends

    (so when I say month then that = about 20 hours )

    So, trying to be optimistic then

    There is no great gameplay plan,

    it will be just shoot things to get points and pick-ups so don’t have to worry about too much there.

    Draw 1 x 1st stage tiled background with 3 transitions. (starting work on that now) (1 month)

    At least 5 different type small / medium enemies (1 month)

    1st Boss system with 1st boss graphics (2 months)

    Ship graphics and pickups – (1 month)

    Hud graphics – (1 month)

    Interstage graphics – (1 month)

    Menu system with options and graphics. – (2 months)

    Sound effects and music (no idea. Could be months)


    .…wish you hadn’t asked that question now….


    and enemy patterns (1 month)

    and bullet patterns and some sort of bullet pattern engine...... ( 2 months)

    terrible question man,,,terrible

    .....wish I hadn't thought about it now.....

    so to answer your questions demo 14-16 months......

  • Nah...i thought it was funny. I still rick roll folks every once in a while.

    But seriously though, your 14-16 month projections are way too long man. You might as well put one up tonight. Yes *tonight*. It'll get you closer to that completion goal just to get feed back. That lambo ain't gonna buy itself.

  • Cryptwalker

    Veneno Roadster, $4m new, only 9 built, estimated $9m used...if one ever comes up.

    lets say , (to make the maths easy and assuming we can now afford a good accountant who can avoid the tax man)

    $3 per game sale...

    then would need only 3 million sales

    ....meh.....that's totally do-able.

    right then demo tonight

    but I am going to now go dark and will resurface with demo....

    see you on the flip side....

    ps looking fwd to playing Raider demo on my return. ..

  • $3 per game sale...

    then would need only 3 million sales

    ....meh.....that's totally do-able.

    Hell if Tom Cruise and his minions of scientologists can do it, so can you.

    [quote:2iid8sl3]but I am going to now go dark and will resurface with demo....

    Now....we getting somewhere....

    [quote:2iid8sl3]ps looking fwd to playing Raider demo on my return. ..

    Wait...what?? Ugh....this is about you, not me!!!!! Oh well....but since you asked nicely....check your PM....

  • Sorry Cryptwalker I didn't make it, but I wanted to post an October video so here it is belated

    it dosent look like much has changed but....

    i did actually bust my ass on this the last couple of days

    and have added......drum roll please

    a sound system

    a death respawn system

    the beginnings of a menu system

    and a simple score system

    so it almost resembles a game now!

    as always ignore all graphics just all placeholder for feel

    have to go an do work things for the next few weeks so wont be much progress for a while, another reason I wanted to post this as a marker. but i reakon a couple of things and some graphics and a demo is not far

  • NetOne - now....that looks like one hell of a demo ready to be played by me. The set up for whats going to happen looks awesome already. That beam weapon is beast though. Looking good man, keep at it!!!!!

  • no actual game play / game engine work done these weeks, too busy with "real" work,

    but I did indulge in a little graphix experimentation.

    Driveclub style rain effect ??? ... -pexHkFZWq

    maybe ... sort of ? ... actually probably hard to see so unless you go full screen ill make it a bit more splashy and bigger but yea....

    right now need to go debug some z sorting issue. ......boooooorinnngggggg....

  • Nothing to show this month as I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a level change system and fix some buggy bugs.

    there probably won’t be any further progress from me until well into the New year as I generally try to stay away from computers all over Christmas,

    Gives my eyes and brain a rest.

    Im done with work in about 2 hours then it is officially Christmas for me,,, yaee boyee…

    This is when I drink a lot, watch films, catch up with family and friends,

    Get back to GM on Overwatch (cough) and a do little bit of trolling Christmas noobs on COD (Im sorry but its so much fun)

    So just saying Happy Christmas to all you Construct-ors,

    by the looks of the “in work” threads, there is some awesome games brewing for the new year.

    And those of you who have helped me and the other noobs figure out the mad techy stuff , really massive thanks ... you guys rock..…..

    And If there are any Devs reading this,

    It must have been a mad year for you, So really hope you get a chance to chill.

    Very excited to see what C3 brings in the new year

    And thanks for answering all my/our dumb questions.


    I was looking at my last years New Year resolution list and it doesn't even mention anything about making a game ! ? !

    Thanks to Construct, this year, top of the list will be “finish the damn game” !

    See y’all in the new year.

    Later noobs.

  • Oh dear

    too long away from project! it's like looking at someone else's work!

    So nothing special, but kind of a little cool i think.

    Tonight I thought I would see if I could make sprite letters behave like enemies to use as a start screen and it mostly works.

    With a few tweaks I should be able to make them fly around and change maybe to indicate Level 123 etc.

    Of course doing this has broke the whole game so big not fun tidy up to follow. hmmm

    (edit) sorry I just noticed the video is real janky.

    I dont know why this is, im using the same xbox windows+g thing as always. Maybe its that meltdown bug fix that is slowing down everyone PCs , dang .

  • I really like the devlog and all the videos, keep up the good progress and creative work. The Start screen looks so clean, like a Marvel movie intro, nicely done.

  • Cheers Mikal , sadly I haven't worked on it for weeks now. Im just trying to get back into it the last few days but the C3 editor keeps crashing on me which is driving me nuts.

    Yea I originally imagined a very clean high def almost 3D look,

    but shock horror I think Im going to make the move to a more pixelarty look of late 80s early 90s arcades.

    Ive been trying a few resolutions, ive found the usual 220 to 250 horizontal lines as per the old consoles and arcades looks bit too pixely on the bigger monitors and tv screens so ive settled on 360 h-lines and a CinemaScope aspect ratio which just about gets away with it.

    there are a couple of reasons for going pixel arty,

    one is simply that I love the old shmups and want to capture that feeling of playing an arcade, and I think the pixel art contributes to that vibe.

    two is that it should allow me to the minimize memory and GPU use so there may be a chance to get it running on at least higher end mobiles, right now it wont run at all on mobile.

    three, im hoping it should minimize the art workload to there may be a small hope of this being finished one day and being playable. (although im learning that pixel art has it own issues to deal with especially around sizing etc, you cant just scale it to whatever size needed.

    and lastly my 11 year old daughter has shown an interest and some actual skill in the pixelart department so she has just been promoted to lead enemy graphic artist!

    so yea,,,,

    It wont look as clean but lets see , Im sort if interested to see if I can capture that arcade vibe....

    No video this month,

    hopefully we can get this C3 crashing sorted out and get me back on track for next month video installment.

    if not I go back to being a pro genji

    ps have been watching your devlog with much intrigue, i haven't commented but have been there, lurking in the shadows, wondering what delightful and dark story is to unfold.

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