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  • Hi! I'm Tom, and I've been working on a local 2 player game (mini games) for tablets the last 6 months now. And felt the time was right for some feedback!

    I've tried to get a programmer aboard on this project, but there hasn't been much interest. So this is done just by me (coding, graphics and music). Its frustrating and hard to do it all by myself, but I don't have to worry about a programmer flaking on the project 12 months from now at least:)

    The plan is to release the game for free (ads) on iOS and maybe android (not sure I'm willing to loose my hair over this one). Each month I'm going to release a new game and adding features to existing ones. I'm got a lot of games planed so I really hope C2 can handle huge projects.

    So why am I releasing it for free (with ads)? IF theres a market for this type of games, its probably amongst kids (kids = no money). But if games are played regularly it might earn a dollar or two. I'm hoping to get people to play games together again. On the same screen, in the same room. Just like when I was a kid playing against my friends on my NES and Amiga(good times). I think a lot has been lost with MP over Internet. I like to see the reaction of my opponent.

    The menu screen (wip):

    Each game has several option to give the games a bit more variation.

    Rubies of mars:

    Rubies of Mars is a lander type of game. The goal is to collect 10 rubies before you opponent. Theres are several enemies/hazards to avoid and its possible to bump each other into the cave walls. So far I've implemented different re-spawn times and different gravity settings.

    Head 2 Head Marbles:

    A marble game where you have to  hit the marbles with your marble to make them change color(= points). Marbles outside the ring are destroyed. The only extra option this game has (except for different levels) is a explosive marble that scatters the rest of the marbles around the level. I'm also thinking about adding the option for random debris on the playfield for variation.

    Gate Keepers (wip):

    A Pong type of game, where you damage each others castles. I'm thinking about power-ups like larger bats and shield. Maybe a wizards power-up that ads a forcefield that moves the ball away from the center of the castle?

    So what do you guys and girls think? Would you (or your kids) play this game?

    Anything you feel is missing?

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