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  • Hola everybody, so I'm currently working on a 4 person brawler game in the same vein as super smash brothers. I wanted to create a character select screen where multiple players can select their characters all at once. It's still a work in progress but I think I'm getting close. I need to get more art assets loaded in. All the art I'm using now is just placeholder temp art to get the code working.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/729 ... index.html

    Currently this only works with the Gamepad and was coded specifically for Xbox 360 controllers. Not sure how it will work with other gamepads. Would love some feedback on the response of the menu and how other gamepads work with it.

    Right now it is just press Start or A to join in, then use the d-pad to scroll through characters and A or Start again to select a character. That's about all it does at the moment.

    I have yet to test with more than two gamepads at once, since I only have two T_T. I will be testing 3 and 4 pad features tomorrow hopefully. And getting the rest of the character selection done.

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  • Did some more work on the character select and I think I got it working now as it should. Sadly as I said before I only have two Gamepads so I can only test with 2 players. I still need to go through the code because I'm sure there are some inefficiencies in there and probably some redundant stuff. Once I get it all the code working tip top and looking nice i will post a .capx for anyone else wanting to do this.

    Added Character Previews

    Selector now goes back to the beginning if you press right on the furthest right character. Vice versa for left.

    Added Sounds

    Fixed some buggy crap

    Same link above still works, may have to refresh a few times if you opened it before to get the most up to date version.

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