[local mp game] - throw swords and painting collect-a-thon

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  • (currently untitled local multiplayer game)

    (currently untitled) the game is centred around flinging huge swords powered by force crystals that appear in a stage, the aim of the game being to knock out the player to the point of having no force crystals left and taking them to power and aim the sword at the opposing player/players.

    Styled in 1bit pixel art style which may or may not be subject to change later on.

    the game was inspired by 2 early design prototypes that I worked on.

    the first was a prototype on incorporating sword mechanics I was thinking of having in a different game that didn't end up achieving the goals that were needed to make it fun.the second was about trying to recreate an effect I really enjoyed in another game called "INK" which I did as to stretch my C2 knowledge and see how I could go about in replicating it. (AND SUCCEED BOOYAH)

    working on this game with the intent to release the game for free for anyone to play in a few months

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