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  • Hi guys! I would like to show my game on C2.It made for a long time, and this is only the beginning of development. I would like to know your opinion. Here is some general information:

    Lightmile is a 2D adventure game with RPG elements, the action takes place in space. In it you play as a character named Dave Baylon - he is an ordinary man from the planet-colony, where due to very low living standards and poor, he and his friend had committed petty crimes. As the game progresses he gets a big deal – a rich scientist who did his own research, solves the problems of the hero with the law, but in exchange for that Dave needs to find a mysterious artifact. For these purposes, he gets a spaceship and a small amount of money for other expenses – then the player would have to travel through the open world in search of information, simultaneously getting into various scrapes.

    And here screenshots:

    And here video:

    If you're wondering, I did large post on Indiegogo - ... x/10595789

    Do you think this project can raise money?

    P.S. I think in my text quite a lot of mistakes - I did not know English well enough. Sorry!

  • Congratulations. Nice game. I like the graphics.

  • Thanks, Angiel!

  • Nice atmosphere. Looks good so far. To give any constructive feedback from what I've seen on the video:

    * Walk/character animations may need some improvement. They look a bit stiff. That's about the only thing that bothered me, since in this kind of game i guess you will walk around a lot to explore, a bit more polished walk animations would be good. I guess it's not a big thing but I guess would add a lot to the overall feeling.

    Keep it up!

  • Indeed, I have reduced the number of frames in the animation. To quickly show the game. This is all, of course, will improve. Thanks for the feedback, Tunepunk!

  • Hello Portvayne. I've just found this post today and I saw the Indigo Project. That was really a shame, that it didn't get funded at all, since anyone can see you put a lot of heart into it and were willing to finish the game.

    Indigogo needs to go hand in hand with a marketing campaign, else if the visibility is too low it won't get funded. Don't get discouraged, I am absolutely certain it had nothing to do with your game and the great presentation - people just didn't know about it. Heck, if this ever comes alive again you have my money! That said, keep up the good work and someday it will make itself paid!

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  • Hi fundation2000! I did not expect that someone will find this topic.

    In fact, reading posts like yours, gives much more power than money. Thanks! No big deal that the fund-raising campaign failed, with my approach to this is not surprising. Now I temporarily freeze Lightmile in favor of the development of less massive projects.

    As soon as I have enough resources to continue creating, I will definitely completed yet this game.

  • I was very busy at the time so I missed this gorgeous project. I like the style a lot and the minimalism is a charm.

    Also, going for a big complex game can be good as it teaches you a lot, since you're forced to learn & adapt, it challenges you more so you grow more.

  • Thanks for the kind words, Silverforce!

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