League of Avenging Nations.

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  • League of Avenging Nations is an xcom type game only without the tactical turn base gameplay (this aspect will take place in a different form), instead its much more heavily involved in resource management, researching and base building, and it will involve politics between the nations.

    This version is a prototype. It includes:

    * Toroidal playing field. (the map loops or wraps in all directions so it appears to not have an edge).

    * Map drag and scroll.

    * UFO creation and movements. This was quite puzzling because the map is made up of small sectors which reposition themselves which meant using coordinates was difficult, so i decided to base them on angles and distances.

    I've noticed at high speeds i get the occasional lag or juddering. I'm not sure if it's because i use dt, or if it's the way i'm going about movements in general.

    As you can see in the image i'm using loops set by the ufo speed and moving small increments, this is because when a UFO crosses from one sectors edge to another i need to reposition it as the UFO is always "pinned" to that sector so when the sector repositions the UFOs position stays relative. If anyone thinks this is a bad idea or has any other suggestions i'd love to hear them.

    * Zoom in and out of map. Eventually each zoom level will display different information, for example zoom out will show the countries borders and names, zoom in closer will show the terrain types and max zoom will show details like city names and populations and other resource data etc.

    * Time management. Stop, play or speed up game play.

    * Lock on to a UFO and follow it about the map.

    I'd appreciate any feedback.

    link removed, see below post for latest version.

    Left click and drag mouse to scroll or press one the keys show bellow.

  • Spent a lot of time trying to figure out why the movements were so jerky/laggy.

    It occurred to me, as i sat on the toilet one day, that i wasn't stopping the move loop when an object moved from one tile map to another, the result being that it would pass the tile map edge, finish it's move loop then be yanked back again to the tile map edge producing the jerk.

    I also made the camera a bit more floaty. Anyway the result is now a much more smoother experience.

    I also started a menu bar to show how many ufos are on the map and, so far, how long they've been flying around.

    You can also now click on one of the menu items to chase the corresponding ufo.

    Graphics are a place holder.

    You try version 2 here. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/159885981/loan2/index.html

  • Very intriguing! This could turn out really cool.

    While there's not much to play yet, what you have seems to work quite well. I DEMAND MORE!

  • ryanrybot Thanks for testing. Yeah not much to it at the moment, but need to get the basic foundations done before i can get to the good stuff. More to come!

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  • Very nice, do you mind sharing .capx for the how the map moves/loops?

    thank you

  • cristiart i don't have access to my computer at the moment, but its just 4 tile maps put together to form a big square, each slightly bigger than the viewable area and when one reaches a set boundary on say the right of the screen its position just jumps so its right edge touches the left edge of the other tile.

    In hindsight it might be better with 6 squares.

  • This looks very promising

    looking forward to seeing how it develops

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