The Last Ruin ( Platformer )

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  • Hello everyone, I present you my first game that will be available for free on pc, mobile and tablet.

    The game is created with Construct 2, and will be available on the site, so that everyone can play it for free directly via browser.

    It's a pretty simple platform game, you have to jump from ruin to ruin without falling, the platforms are randomly created as you go so the level is infinite the goal being to make the best score possible to unlock more levels. Each level will have its particularities, some with boss.

    The game is well advanced in development, I still have some levels to tweak with the boss, as well as sound effects and music.

    Here is a small overview of the game with the first two levels.

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  • A preview of the first Boss, with a rain and lightning atmosphere even if it is not seen too much on the screen.

    I have advanced on the game, all the sound is over, I just have the Boss to finish and improved a little bit, I also think add a small intro scene and a final scene even if it's a game based on scoring it will add a little to the general atmosphere.

  • Looks cool. Do you have a video of the game somewhere? Keep it up

  • Hi thanks, not for the moment but I intend to do it soon and I will post them here

  • Gameplay gifs, the first level, and the first Boss

  • Here is a preview of the cover is not definitive, but if you have feedbacks on it they are welcome

    Otherwise the game goes well it is almost finished in fact, there are some things to tweak, the animations, the difficulty and make the last tests.

  • Looks fun to play. I look forward to it.


  • pretty good!

  • Thx

  • Looks good and fun to play as well. Good job keep it up

  • Thanks

    The game is finally available

    The trailer :

    The Google play store version is available here :

    The PC version will be available in a few days time to make some changes, probably on and scirra arcade at first (and therefore playable directly via the browser).

    If some are playing the Android version, do not hesitate to give an opinion or report bugs here directly, thank you

  • Not bad, wonderful work

  • Thanks

  • The game is now available in ( free and play in your browser ) :

    And in Scirra Arcade :

  • The game looks really good I like the mix of different pillars that you jump on and the art from the different settings. The flower boss was pretty cool, reminds me of metroid prime for some reason...

    I would say that the game is to easy over all, or rather: you move very little when you move to the side and the platforms are to close to each other because of that. Its possible to survive pretty long by just holding the right button down and wait. I think that it would be more interesting If the character could move X2 or more to the sides, or jump X2 or X4 higher (would require portrait orientation instead of landscape (tate for the win )) so it would be more of a trick to land on the platforms.

    I really like how it feels to land on the pillars and when they go down, its also interesting because you can't stand and wait on the same spot. It also work well with the platforms moving to the sides, and lava balls, requiring the player to time the jumps, more of these would be nice

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