The Last Defender: Another tale about clones.

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  • Hello everyone,

    this page is dedicated to "The Last Defender: Another story about Clones" originally an arcade game with science fiction story.

    I do not speak English, so this game is in Spanish.

    I used the google translator for text on this page.

    For this reason I am looking for a translator that after playing the game you like enough to translate the script

    I prefer to wait a bit for someone Translates me the game rather than risk putting the game with ideas do not assist the interpretation of what you want to say.

    Ok... the game

    Some History

    The game environment is set in a distant future in which humans have ever traveling through space exploring other worlds. However, about five years ago all terrestrial colonies have been being exterminated systematically to the point that at present the only defense left is the basis Master Factory Space Ship or "MFSS" which was created by " Origial "(as it is called man who emerged clones) when its time detected the possible threat of alien forces.

    The protagonist

    The game is based on the story of clone called A576-29 the last remains of the cells created by "Original", the engineer who created the MFSS and defense system.

    The clone A576-29, has a personality a little different from its predecessors, probably by overloading memories delivered in the educational process of their brain.

    Among his works are:

    • Adapt your neuronal the ships that use network so that the simulator is used, and
    • Develop strategies to maximize returns to confront the enemy and must create configurations weapons and defenses before resist enemy attack.
    • Extra: A special point in its existence is to discover his past, the space station and its occupants.

    Other characters

    The Mayor: Scientist - doctor who is directly in charge of the progress of the clone and do what I can to help you improve your skills, you will also telling the story of what happened in the world and everything related to its own creation and the space station.

    Commander: Meanwhile, as a good soldier, is more interested in the results and move heaven and earth to bring the best weapons you can get.

    The Original: What is remembered about him is he was an engineer and strategist. He created the fort and established his way to work at a period when aliens attack was imminent. From his cell clones out all those who were known at a time as "Guardians".

    Master Factory Space Ship: Also known as "MFSS" is a space station that has been operating in space for an indefinite period of time. Their initial function was to create space warships that could protect the Earth from imminent alien attack. The main proponent of the creation and maintenance was "The Original", but after a long period in which there were no conflicts space station was transformed into a factory space luxury vehicles. During the last time he returned to his original form imminent breakthrough product of the alien threat.

    Its main strengths are

    • The clones contain or Gardianes, although only one left.
    • The technology to quickly assemble the ships before an attack, as well as to repair after a wave.


    The surprise arrival of the enemy fleet took by assault everyone and in no time have started to build new ships to be sent into space but they will not be ready until at least the tenth wave of attacks that are expected soon, so for now you only have a few old ferry which fortunately can be changed quickly modified with parts that have arrived on Earth.

    Weapons and defenses

    At the moment it has

    • Shield: They are shield that can put around the ship for that block your attacking shots.
    • Laser Machine Guns: These are the main weapon, and allow easily fitted in all directions. Its shutter speed is not very high.
    • Electromagnetic Pulse: A bomb exploding blocks weapons of all enemies for a period of 10 seconds.
    • Force Field: Armor that becomes immune to the ship for a period of 7 seconds.
    • Cabin: A substantial improvement to the material of the ship duplicándole its total energy.
    • Engines: Technology Space Station can significantly enhance the speed of the ship.

    First images.



    Tutorial to learn how to build ships

    Test synchronization between you and the AI ??ship

    Link to the game:

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