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  • Hi, I'm developing a game called Knighty Night. It's the first in a a series of games called "Theefenders", with the 5th game having multiple characters. For now, this first game is a standalone of the Knight character, Gofrid. Here is a link to an html5 demo of the game, if using keyboard, for movement, use WASD keys, and the left arrow for normal attack, down for jump, and right for charged attack.

    I'm still adding stuff every other day, just recently I gave him a "dash" technique. While walking, press "Jump", and he will do a dash, you can dash/glide in the air too. I gotta add a scoring system as well.

    Stuff I want to add: A transparent slash effect to his attacks, an extra lunging attack/stronger second attack for the roaches and more.

    Here is a pic of some of the characters I illustrated.

    I did the art of the game itself by making 3D models in blender, then converting them to 2D pngs to use in "sprite" animations.

    Anyways, some feedback on the game, whether it's the graphics or gameplay, is welcome.

    I have other characters that would fit this game style well, but for now, I'm gonna keep this first game short and just to a single character:

  • Good Job! Nice animations! A little bit of polish to the game graphics in general (World and the UI mostly) would make it even better, but keep up the good work! I like these kind of games.

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  • WOW! I love the graphic you've made. It's very smooth and cute! Better than mine. I hope I can add it into my multiplayer game so we can made MMORPG. It's perfect gameplay!

    But, why I can hit the enemy when it is not on the same Z position? Or maybe the Z range we can hit to high, I think.

    Overall, I'm very impressed. I can imagine the prospect about this game. You are very talented. You have complete aspects on a game development on art, programming, concept, etc.

    BTW, I can't see the images you posted.

  • It's pretty fun! Good job! Only the controls are a little confusing at first. I wanted to use the arrow keys and noticed that they are actually the action keys. A better explanation for which keys to use would be handy

  • tunepunk: Thank you for the feedback! The rocks I painted in photoshop since BGs are the only thing I can kind of make 3D looking without a prior 3D model. Would you have any tips on how I could improve the environment? Is it too muddy or should I try to get a bit more contrast with the characters?

    emoticon: Thank you! The only drawback to this graphic style is that it takes up a lot of memory. True 3D would give the game an overall smaller size, which I haven't fully mastered yet. I had to cut out a lot of 2D frames to try to keep the app size down.Oh yeah, I turned up the Z position for testing, but I'll bring it a bit back down in the next version. As for the images, I have links below to galleries.

    dreikelvin: Thank you for trying it out! I'll put the control scheme on the main menu or as an option in the menu on my next update. The keys are WASD for movement, and directions for actions.

    Links to galleries related to the game series:

    3D with some 2D illustrations:

    Sketched concept art:

    Just 2D concepts:

  • Oh, i see! my ISP block the site. Now I can see them with proxy

  • since the characters use very simple shaders. Try using something similar on the enviroment. You don't need that much detail.

    Maybe something like this.

    I think you can do most of your environment assets in 3D as well with similar shaders.. I think it would fit better.

    I saw they were a bit misaligned and not repeating well. Try using tilemap object for the ground instead and make sure it repeats nicely.

  • emoticon Good!

    tunepunk Thank you for the feedback! Sometimes I can't realize obvious things like that when I work too long in a project and start taking the art direction in wild directions. As for the ground, I am using a tilemap of a single tile, but I couldn't calculate while illustrating it on how it could wrap itself without leaving marks of repeating lines, unfortunately.

  • Hows this for an updated environment?



    I just gotta fix the tiling to blend in with itself, since you can see the borders.

  • Slash effect's have been implemented, as well as hit effects when you hit the roaches(or get hit).

    Updated the link:

  • WOW, 3D pre-renderized characters technique remembers me from Donkey Kong. <3

  • Finished the Dash mechanic:

    Type A

    Type B

    I'f I could keep both, Type A would be a super dash, but it's a simple game, so I gotta pick which stays and which goes. Type A is flashier, but it's drawback is that it might be distracting, while Type B is just plain neat, but I wonder if it's need that radiant effect that Type A has.

  • Added more mechanics, he can now attack while dashing. : 3 As well as having the power up attack done.

    A screen of his powered up Dark Blade Joust.

  • Game has been updated with new enemies.

    See them in action in the demo!

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