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  • Hi guys, we have a new game coming out this Hoilday season (I Hope! haha)

    This game idea is based off an Atari 2600 game called Crack Pots:

    We are adding different worlds, bosses, a star system, and touch controls etc.

    Here are some screenshots of our progress so far:

    We are also going to be doing some Twitch live streams of our game's production up to the release date, look out for Natal420 under game dev.


  • Been working on some music for the game. Toughest part is keeping the file size down and getting the best quality out of it as well. Does anyone know when C2 converts the files to acc and ogg if the wav file also exports with it? Or does it just use the converted (smaller size) files?

  • I see now that it converts it to acc and ogg and doesnt use the wav so thats nice!

    I use a midi controller with a VST host to make the beats and sounds and later put them in Audacity to mix together. The challenge to making music is creating a loop that fits the game themes and not annoy the hell out of people haha..What kind of programs do you guys use to compose music tracks or sound effects?

  • I will be going live on Twitch tonight :15 Pm eastern time, working on enemy movements and waves for the ice stage.

  • So things are coming along nicely. Here are some new screens of the bouncy jellyfish (think Mario Bros Style Movement). Also the Robot Kitty that uses laser guns and a first look at the world map screen where each island floats up and down. Cheers!

  • Unfortunately we wont be able to release the game this holiday season. Our main hard drive died on us last week among other minor situations and I dont want to rush the game just to get it out for Xmas. I would rather take a couple more weeks to tighten everything up, also adding bosses, story artwork and original music takes time and shouldnt be rushed. Kitty Pot Cracker should be ready for release early January but we'll see how it all comes together. This is a good reminder to BACK UP Your game capx which we did thank heavens!

  • HI BIlly

    I keep seeing this game, and I keep coming back to it, so not sure if it's a good idea to tell you these things, but it's bugging me.

    So here is my feedback.

    The game from a playable perspective looks good, but to be brutally honest, I would not download and play this game.

    Here is why...

    The graphics are all over the place.

    1. The buttons, the styling is completely off, what is that plastic wrap (*shudders). Corel Draw?

    2. The font - It's the type of font (looks like times new Roman) that is never ever ever used by any self respecting artist unless they are writing some sort of manual. Even then I would not use it. Also you seem to be using a variety of fonts. They are clashing big time! I think you need to stick to one font here.

    3. The texturing is off, the mix of soft and hard is all over the place.

    4. The color scheme is all over the place.

    5. You used a gfx style that is straight out of the 90's, Plastic wrap all of those things are taboo unless you have a really good reason to use it.

    It's not all bad there are some gems in all of this but you cannot see it because the bad stuff just kills it. Your main toon is totally overwhelmed, making the game harder to play from a visual user side experience.

    My honest advice, you need to invest in a graphics pack. One graphics pack with a singular style. Or get an proper artist involved.

    Totally sorry, I don't like giving bad crits, but you seem proud of your game and you should be, but it can be a whole lot better!

  • Hey SandyBee, feedback of any kind is welcome so don't worry about it. I'm sorry that the game doesn't appeal to your tastes and I can kind of agree on a couple points.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the font (Its not Times New Roman) and there is no variety in the font, its the same one used through out. Saying that no self respecting artist would use it is kind of harsh me thinks haha

    I agree that the mix of soft and hard lines are a bit off but I believe my brother (The artist) did that so the enemies would stand out better as this game is a quick twitch type game and seeing the waves of the enemies coming is very important. On the phone they look better and aren't as noticeable. The coloring I think looks pretty good, the main elements stand out like the windows that you are protecting, the enemies, the weapons (flower pots,candy drops). The toon (the cats I'm guessing) do get hidden a bit behind the plants but when they push the pots you can see them better and really game play wise they are not too important as the player will be focusing on oncoming enemies and the game play is touch based so the character momentarily gets covered by your tapping finger.

    The button styling I actually think looks good, my bro is using Photoshop not CorelDraw, I don't know what he used to to get that effect but buttons in real life are usually plastic so it made sense to me. What else looks plastic specifically? Graphics look straight out of the 90s comment doesn't really help, as many 2d games were made in that era so I guess it should look like it came straight out of the 90s. Or were you just referring to the plastic look?

    Thanks for the advice but I won't be investing in a graphics pack or get a "proper artist" involved as I already have one, my brother. And yes of course I'm proud of our game haha, you have to be otherwise there would be no motivation to finish it and believe it or not it takes a lot of time to create all the art assets, design and "program" the game.

    Well if anything we'll take your points and discuss them and see what we want to do, thanks for your feedback!

    And by the way great job with your game Brood so far

  • Np Billy

    You are already further with your game than I am with mine, best of luck!

  • I remember that game from the Atari 2600! Congrats on how far along you are on your game.

  • Thanks flatness, the 2600 was the first video game console my family owned. This game is a nice throwback to the good old days. You have had quite the amazing career in video games, I look forward to what you have cooking!

  • Here is a first look at the snake enemies attacking the building. Next screen is what happens when the building takes too much damage and drops to the ground. Finally the last screenshot is a glimpse at the first stage boss.

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  • Great idea!How about dunamic day and night change?

  • Thanks lolish and sorry I didnt respond sooner! Thanks for the idea, I did the dynamic day and night change on one of my other games and was great because the stage was long. In this game the stages only last about one to two minutes so Im not sure if its worth the extra work and memory usage (mobile). Kudos!

  • Here is a look at the Ice World Stage Selection screen. We have a lock system and 3 star rating system as well. All five World Stage select screens will have a different look based on the world and cat theme you're in.

    We have got 3 out of 5 bosses finished, each boss has a unique pattern and trick to it. Here is a look at the second world boss, the centipede. You have to take out its head and body piece by piece before it reaches the window. If you take out all body parts in time, the centipedes bones will drop down.

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