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  • Kitty boom, the bastard child of Godzilla and Nyancat, my first game in progress and I'm determined to finish it despite the calling I feel from construct to start so many other games!

    "Oh it's already kind of working I could finish this in a week" is a (naive) thought that I hope I wasn't not alone in having at one point. Despite the ever expanding project, working with construct2 has made the process very enjoyable so far. I'm glad I have picked something "simple" or I could see this taking years without a good team.

    I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, feedback, snide remarks and meows. I'll keep this post updated with my progress.

    Dev log at:



  • I like the art.. the game design I don't entirely gather upon looking at the GIF.. doesn't look like the player is doing anything besides walking?

  • Cheers jobel The objective is to match the kitty colour to the building he is about to smash into by pressing the corresponding background colour, combos and destruction are the pay off. It's basically a casual endless runner, although I am planning some sumo style boss battles later on in development.

  • Ah! So are the controls basically touching the different color bands in the background? Clever! I think the checkerboard texture is distracting, I like the original better without the checkerboard (or is that an artifact of your video capture?)

  • Mikal yeah that's right. I should have mentioned that earlier, dev tunnel vision at work

    Also the checkerboard texture is an artifact, the colours are solid. Any suggestions for screen cap software would be appreciated, screencastify triggers some lag while it's active.

  • I am not sure if it's any better than screencastify, but I am using GifCam

  • While looking for a (relatively) cheap way to add a rainbow overlay effect after running into some issues trying to fade in many more advanced openGL effects I discovered I could use a small multicolor sprite and blow it up to screen size, allowing it to distort. I also rotated it while shifting its hue, then I used a hue blend to mix it all together. I'm sure variants of this technique could be useful for a lot of ambient effects. To make it even cheaper you could use an animated sprite to begin with so you only had to expand and blend.

    I'm hoping to have a playable demo up in a week or 2.

  • That effect looks great and as you mention sounds like it's pretty cheap in terms of performance. Is this like Mario 'star' power mode, where it doesn't matter what color you are, you destroy all buildings (because it's obviously hard to know what color band to tap with rainbow effect.)

    Looking forward to the playable.

  • Love it....

  • For a couple of days only the uh pre-pre-alpha demo of Kitty Boom is playable here:

    To play match the color of the kitty to the building's he's smashing into by clicking/tapping/dragging the background colors.

    I hope you like it, any and all feedback/comments are appreciated.

    Immediate plans:

    -collectibles and power ups (You can trigger double rainbow mode in the demo by clicking/tapping on kitty.)

    • achievements
    • lots of code optimizing!
    • in game explanation of what the hell is going on
    • Pause Menu

    -start screen refinements

    • responsiveness
    • fix face detachment bug - man games have weird bugs.
    • optimize graphics for iOS gl issues
    • more advanced score breakdown
    • end of round pause bug (causes score to sloooowly creep up)

    Future plans:

    • Boss battles
    • leaderboards
    • smash into things

    Edit: Also a HUGE thankyou to the construct2 community, your advice has been invaluable.

  • I think someone replaced my breakfast cereal with LSD. Or wait..... looks kind of cool. Endless runner type?

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  • I think someone replaced my breakfast cereal with LSD. Or wait..... looks kind of cool. Endless runner type?

    Haha desired effect achieved! Thanks for checking it out, yeah endless runner is right. I would love to get some boss fights in there too, mix it up a bit.

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