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  • First off, super noob here.

    About a year ago, I did this Learn how to use tilemap by making a platform game with it! tilemap tutorial based on Kid Icarus. I ended up adding to the tilemap and Pit assets because it was pretty fun, and I went ahead and did a sloppy, but cool little recreation of the first few stages. It was basically my 2nd real learning project, the first was a recreation of Super Mario Bros World 2-2. I find learning more fun doing these type of recreations. This one gets sloppier the further along it goes, because I kept meaning to break away from it, but would go back and add some random stuff, so some code is way more bloated than other areas, because I never went back and fixed or compressed it. Anyhow, here ya go. Click Here Advanced Wrap Behavior Needed to run it - Click Here

  • Did you happen to put any third party plugins or behaviors into here?

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  • The built-in Wrap behavior has been modified.

    It is possible to hack the Wrap behavior out of the .caproj and the Main_Events.xml. This will then allow the game to load.

  • A friend of mine edited the wrap behavior for me, because it's so limited in it's base form. I needed it to get the fundamental behaviors down for vertical stages. Ok, I fixed it. If you can, redownload the Capx as well as the Wrap behavior. Thanks.

  • Excluding using a beta version and custom wrap behavior, this is a pretty solid recreation of Kid Icarus, even if the sound effects and maps aren't a perfect 1:1 creation. Good job, Xtra!

  • Thanks LaDestitute, I appreciate it, it's fun to have people actually play something you made. So it feels like it was worth the time. I figured there were prolly some Kid Ic fans around here 'n just wanted to share and get feedback. I haven't messed with C2 in a bit, but maybe messing with and fixing up/expanding on that capx again soon will get me back into it and I'll break through to another level of skill again like with the improvement from my Mario World 2-2 to this.

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