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  • Hi! I just want to show you my first (almost) complete construct2 creation. I create this game to promote my very talented girlfriend and her soft pastel drawings. Links in game does not work but if someone is interrested I can send a link to her site on facebook. Just send me a message (I'm not sure if I could post this link here...). Or You can search for "Aleksandra Sip - artistic works".

    In next version I'm planning to add:

    *some more drawings

    *"Awesome!!!" text should show when you reach goal.

    *drag and drop mode

    *decrease difficulty level because first tests showed me it could be to high for some players.

    *button to speed up puzzle moving on start of level

    *maybe some game instructions (personally I think this isnt necessary but I dont know what players say)

    Please, play some and tell me what you think. ... 13993?cp=2

    P.S. To unlock next levels you must complete previous on challenge mode

    P.S.2 If you dont complete stage in 5 minutes a hint button will show

  • Hi! First, I think the drawings are great. Especially level1 looks sooo realistic!

    My first thought when I saw the puzzling process was: NOOOO way I can do this. BUT, it was actually quite doable. It took me 5 minutes, which is ok.

    I think it's a cool idea to combine both of your hobbies. You seem to make a good team .

    I don't think you need instructions, but a small version of the picture would be nice, sometimes I almost felt lost within the puzzle. Or maybe you could add the option to take a look at the result for a moment and then go on.

    Thumps up!

  • Wow, first comment! Hooray! )

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  • I like it. It's a fun and refreshing take on the classic puzzle type games.

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