Kanye Kiddo: A Philosophical 2D Adventure on Indiegogo!

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  • Hello,

    I'm very proud to say that my first serious project is now live on Indiegogo (a lot of work on that)!

    To know more about it, visit the campaign: http://igg.me/at/kanyekiddo

    Thank you!

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  • Remind me of Thomas was alone.

  • Remind me of Thomas was alone.

    Yup, it was my inspiration for the art

  • Hey! I'm sure you've done a good work and everything but, I'd point one or two things out:

    I've watched your trailer and read your indiego, there's somerthing that is shocking me: you don't have any other project to show? How do you expect people to give money to someone who didnt do anything before, or at least is not showing it. Well, I wouldnt give money at least. (Well, you say you were the founder of X1 Game Studio, but it's not enough, give a link, or I dunno, but.. Anyway I found the X1 Game Studio website, and the only game I found doesn't have anything to do with philosophical adventure game, so, how do I know if you're good at writing? Specially since I do not know what you've done on the game I played.)

    Specially since the game looks A LOT like Thomas was alone. Your game need to be unique, and if it looks like another one, I'd like to be sure it'll be different in some ways, or at least it's gonna be well made cause it's made by you.

    See? I'm sure you've worked good on the game, but here I'm just seeing a thomas was alone like; so maybe I'm feeling like "it could be fun" but that's not where I'm puting my money in. I'll may be interested in playing it but I have no reason to buy it.

    It's just advices here, alright? I'm not saying it's plagia, I'm not saying it's not good, just telling you that we can't know, the way it's made. The trailer doesnt show so much things and we don't know your work so it's pretty awkward. Maybe you could link some of your work in indiego, put a demo or gifs that show some unique things about your game.

    Anyway, I'm glad your proud of your work and I hope your indiego will work but it might be good for you to take in count some of these advices I think. Have a nice day!

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