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  • Hi,

    Not so much a post of my WIP (even though it is one) but more of a ask for help regarding a flicker issue. The backgrounds occasionally flash black, and I cannot figure out why. It seems to only happen in the NW.js preview but not in the HTML web version?

    capx: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8678467/construct2/JFM-v3-640x360.capx

    Live : http://www.soundgasmdesign.com/c2/jfm/

    I am really stumped why this flicker happens. I have the latest video driver from nVidia, etc.


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  • Hey! You probably already know this but if you really want to get this questioned answered, you should probably post this in the "How do I...." section of the forum!

    I tried out your capx but did not see any flicker issue. I'm also getting flickering issues in my retro looking pixel art game and I'm anxious that I won't be able to get rid of it. Maybe you can record a gif of your problem if others can't recreate it on their pcs.

  • heyguy thanks. I did not know this. I'm brand new to the C2 world, and this forum particularly as well. Thank you for your kindness. I'll try to capture the flicker in a screen shot tool. Tell me, heyguy are you using 2 overlapping sine behaviored sprites that are more than 1000 pixels wide and tall? That's what I'm doing.

    Also, thank you for trying JFM. I'd love to try your project if you want feedback. Obviously the stuff I'm doing is very basic with JFM and I'm learning (much thanks to Jerementor and his excellent courses on Udemy and IfElseLearn) but the immediacy in which I'm able to take my ideas to actual working game, is just amazing.

    I'm hooked

  • Hey grymmjack, no I'm not using 2 overlapping sprites with sines the way you are. I think I did get rid of my flicker issue though. So what I did was place every sprite object on the editor into the actual layout window. I had a lot of sprites outside the layout in the margins and stuff. I also went through and made sure sprites were not overlapping with other sprites. That kind of fixed the issue for me. I haven't noticed any more flickering. Try it out!

    Thanks for mentioning jermentor, udemy and ifelselearn! Bookmarked!

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