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  • this is my first beta with C2, a personal interpretation of Jungle Platformer's C2 beginner tutorial, one easy/short level to play, jump on all enemies to kill him and collect all coins to complete the stage! watch the time! u have 1 minute to clear!

    https://www.scirra.com/arcade/tutorial- ... eta1-15710

  • come on guys! No one left a feedback ??

  • I dont understand why nobody of about fifty People answered you... I thnik you made that was is written in the tutorial verry well, but of course you could add so many other feauteres, Levels or enemie. The start was good. But go ahead and Programm. Im looking Forward to see your result. For a beginner good Job. Dont understand that wrong. Im a beginner too. xD

  • NN81 it's a good start - there might no feedback because your platformer is like any starting project here.

    Everything is done solid - the control, the gui, the sounds - the artwork is a mix of 2D and pseudo 3D - this didn't fit together very well but it's OK so far.

    Also the leveldesign is a nice start but there is nothing to keep the players playing on or play again.

    Gamedev and leveldesing is a bunch of hard work - and to attract gamers (especially us from the forum [nearly all here create games]) you have to create something special.

    Something unique in art, design and/or concept - and even then most of us just take a little look and return to the own project.

    My advice is play games the type you want to create - e.g Super Mario, Sonic, ... and take a look whats good and whats bad - take the good (and add some cool new features) and build a game you like to play.

    Tell us whats special (or let the game show the cool things).

    The most important thing is you have fun to create your game - there a zillions of platformers and other games - do not expect too much feedback.

    Again it's a nice little game you've created but - like Cryttexx already said - keep on working and make it



  • tx for feddbacks, yes i have to work on something really especial ^^

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  • tx for feddbacks, yes i have to work on something really especial ^^

    here's a link with some good hints https://www.gamedev.net/reference/index.html/_/creative/game-design/7-effective-tips-to-create-an-engaging-game-level-design-r4579

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