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  • Yo, i'm creating my first game. This game is a jumping game. You gonna jump from block to block and go to other levels.

    It's a demo version and a paid version. I'm doing this to earn some money and support Charity Organizations.


    • New levels added.
    • Added face to the players
    • Playable on iOS and PC (Android Later)

    Need help and tips:

    I Have added controls for phones, but when i'm trying to make longer levels the controls dosent go with the player. How do i do that?

    Does anyone have tips to what i can add or change in the game?

    Try the demo, Playable on iOS and PC


    Thanks for now.

  • I appreciate this is a wip/demo, but I think you have a very long way to go before anybody will pay 1¢ for this. It is good to be optimistic, it provides energy and motivation, but a solid dose of realism is needed to make you stand back and see your project as others see it. Here are some basic tips to improve the game:

    • I got to level 3 before getting frighteningly bored. You need to deal with that.
    • Simple graphics can be positive to help focus a player's attention, but none of your graphics either engage or motivate the player to continue. Flappy Bird is an excellent example of engaging simplicity.
    • Think of adding on the Splash screen things that explain the point of the game and the controls.
    • The Splash screen is a repeating tile. It shouldn't be.
    • The physics are lacklustre, there's very little excitement (improving the graphics would help in this regard).
    • Are you really asking people to PAY to be beta testers? I hope you're not serious.
    • If you say you're doing something for charity, nobody will believe you, even when you're telling the truth. Focus on the game, not on the money. If the game is really good, then market it and the money will follow.
    • If you want to make money from a game it has to be
      • innovative,
      • original,
      • immersive and
      • entertaining.
      If yours is not, don't be discouraged. Just improve it so that it is.

    As for your question about the buttons not moving when you move outside the layout, you'd be better off asking that in the "How Do I" forum. Be prepared to attach a capx file so the experts can point you in the right direction.

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  • Thanks, will change the graphics soon. Just had to try out a little bit. But it's gonna be better graphics and more

  • Good! Looking forward to the improvements

  • Good! Looking forward to the improvements

    Changed much of the design, only one bug now :/ Trying to fix it asap!

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