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  • After fiddling around with C2 for many weeks, I've decided to share what I've been working on. This is only a work in progress; I'm focusing mainly on the character's movement for now. Environment graphics aren't my strong suit but I intend to work harder on them once I am satisfied with the movement and control.

    There's no game to speak of as far as win condition but she can die from taking too much damage. Anyway, please check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks in advance. ... -test-1905

  • I updated the test file a bit with some improvements to controls and animations, and a new BGM track.

  • A video of the game's current state. The work-in-progress posted in the arcade is officially outdated. I've got my enemies active and cleaned up a lot of the character's moves and animations. I need to develop a title screen with a menu so it can feel more like a game.

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  • good stuff

  • looks promising, fairly deep combat, graphics that are there yet look cool enough, fun 80s flair.

    somewhat early to critize at this stage perhaps, but imho the stiff idle pose (and some other animations) make her less fun and fluid to watch than it could be.

    all in all good stuff tho, keep going

  • Reminds me of the sleepless nights I spent on my Amiga 500 and great arcades of the early 90s. Watched the video, looks great, feels grate, I definitely recommend adding a Boss fight on end of every few lvls...

  • Thanks folks. I've got a lot of plans to expand this. Been thinking of making new idle poses for some time (something dance-related) and other animations could certainly be smoother, but I'm more concerned about making more enemies and coming up with some better environment graphics. I threw the tiles that are there together as a test but I definitely want to make something that looks more natural.

    This project is still definitely in its early stages but I can say I'm satisfied with the way the character feels at least.

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  • Wow, I haven't posted here since 2015...been way too long. Between numerous other art projects, commissions, comics and other junk, I've been putting small amounts of work into my game here and there. It's gotten to the point where, some animations aside, I am ready to focus on moving away from mechanics and building real content for the game (more/better levels, enemies, etc.) Here's a vastly updated, playable demo of my Jet Dancer action platformer: It's playable with keyboard or gamepad, fully tested with Xbox controls.

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