Jesper Jumper (WIP/Platformer with teleport-skill)

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  • Hello everyone!

    Worst things first, my english is not so good, sorry for that

    My name is Swite and this is my second try to make a game (first was a buggy autorunner^^).

    Its named Jesper Jumper (working title^^) and its a platformer with (maybe) complex control mechanics.

    The player can jump, doublejump, walljump, resize his shape, float in air and (best of all) teleport while floating (aim with mouse). he also can combine skills, but there are limitations (its not possible to teleport through the whole level, resized shape got less gravity but also less jumpstrengh, etc.)

    The character seems overpowered but the levels are not easy and one hit kills you on instand. There are coins to collect but every death resets the counter, so its hard to score. I spend the most time on experimenting and only build 5 levels to this point. I dont know if its worth to create a big game out of it because of its difficulty and "non-causual" controls. I have many ideas for a storyline that fits perfectly and a clear vision of its final look but the main-question is: "is it fun to play?"


    (cant post link, plz copypasta :-*)


    A - left

    D - right

    S - shrink

    left click - jump

    left click while jumping - doublejump

    hold left mousebutton on wall - walljump

    right click/space* in air - float

    leftclick while floating - teleport

    *for apple-mouse users (no simultan right/left click)

    V - zoom out

    TAB - show controls

    R - restart level (resets coincount)

    M - turn on/off music


    -holding the jump button increases jumpstrengh

    -hold "V" to zoom out for a better overview

    -when teleporting -> aim as far away as you can

    -you cant teleport through obstacles (collisions stop teleport)

    -you can combine skills...

    Have fun

  • hmmm the controls aren't as tight as I'd like them to be. It almost seems random luck getting the double jump to work, but could be an interesting game if you tighten those controls a little.

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  • thx for the feedback.

    i updated the game & fixed some bugs. doublejump seems to work every time i tested it. i increased the jumpstrengh a litte bit & the deceleration for a better control. arrow keys are now disabled.

    i will add some new features when i got more time (highscore&awardsystem with some goodies for a higher replay value)

  • Updated the game again:

    -there are now 10 levels

    -coins now get saved every level

    -"M" turns on/off (my annoying) music

    -controls are smoother

    -added some "hidden" Spots to discover

    -fixed some bugs

    it reached the limit of the free version so there will be no more content till i get the pro version

    (planned a highscore system & goodies for finishing the game)

    next project will be for mobile devices, im on it

    Have fun

  • Yep seems better. Doesn't feel like it's as random as before to get a successful double jump. Still a pretty hard game though :}

  • thank you

    yes, its pretty hardcore, but possible

    (friend of me can rush through lvl1-5 without dying ^^)

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