Ion Insectum - Global Game Jam 2015

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  • Just thought I'd share where I got to using Construct 2 as my game engine of choice for this years Global Game Jam - the first Game Jam I've ever entered. Hope you'll give it a quick play.

    We were given a theme, and then 48 hours to make a game using that theme. All graphics, sound, and gameplay were sourced/created within those 48 hours.

    My game is an old school 2D side scrolling shooter, that also includes choices on how to approach each section - including the boss battle. The game comes from a time when shooters were difficult!

    I plan to expand the game as I only got one level done in the 48 hours we had. The expansion plans include more levels, but it would be great to have feedback on what other choices players would like that would give variation to the shooter theme. At the moment, the player can complete this level without ever firing a single bullet - Something very different for a shooter...

    The game is based on the Construct 2 "Flying Along" game example.

    You can read more about the Global Game Jam here:

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