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  • I've been working on this on and off for quite some time now and have bugged quite a few people along the way for help with bits / pieces. It took a lot of trial and error but finally got to a place happy to share progress to date

    Thanks MadSpy, rexrainbow, R0J0hound, Ratmaster, SoldjahBoy for your time / patience with my questions.

    It's current and working features:

    • Build quotes or invoices using drop box lists
    • Items, units and rates are generated from text files. Update the text files to change items / rates etc...
    • Add custom items and rates by selecting 'TBC' from drop down lists. Item them added to the list
    • Add pictures to quotes
    • Save and load quotes to computers / share between computers
    • Build in user manual (pdf)
    • Live summary breakdown on the right hand side
    • Function to duplicate a line down to save time with entry
    • Export quote / invoice as a full Excel file (xlsx)

    Pluggins used:

    NWJS - Save and load quotes to local directory, download photo / excel files

    Paster - Load photo and for downloading

    Date - Generate today's date in the invoice / quote

    The rest is then made from text boxes and a macro excel file to do the final build of the excel file. It allows saving to any location with any file name.

  • Great stuff! Glad you got it all working in the end

    I'll check out the youtube vid at lunchtime


  • Nice work

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  • Just looked at the YT video - looks nice!

    Cool to see something a bit different made in C2

  • Just looked at the YT video - looks nice!

    Cool to see something a bit different made in C2

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, not your average game that is made with C2 and shows how it can be used differently. It has made it more 'challenging' but no problem that cannot be worked around I moved to C2 to test if I could make something like this as I was using an excel macro sheet before with forms and VB. With newer updates on office over the years it gave lots of errors. Plus this just feels more of a professional package once exported as an .exe file

  • Hey I finally got around to having a look at the video. Very nice indeed.

    Reminds me quite a bit of how I made my POS software... proof that C2 isn't just for games at all really!


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