Infinity Sector (Space RTS) Devlog [need feedback]

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  • Hey guys,

    I decided to start a devlog to get feedback on the game I'm working on; Infinity Sector (working title).

    It's a RTS space game that has a tactical pause to plan out attacks. There's also a slow motion mode.

    It's highly inspired by the game Distant Star Revenant Fleet. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    Right now I have the bare minimum on the game made, but I wanted to get some feedback on what I have now before I start adding other things.

    There's only 1 playable ship and only have 3 enemies ships so far.

    The weapons and ship upgrades are limited to 4 currently.

    The game is endless and each level is randomly generated, you start off with some store points you need to capture to level up your weapons and ship and then get to the exit for a boss fight. You can get to the exit without capturing any stores but you will be weaker to fight the boss.

    The enemies and boss get harder each level.

    You get credits (to level up your weapons) and supplies (to level up your ship) from capturing stores and getting to the next level.

    I'd love to hear opinions on game balancing and any other comments you may have.

    Please keep in mind this is really early and a lot of art are still placeholder and there's no sounds besides the main menu.

    There's also a few known bugs like the game doesn't pause when you click the menu button while ingame, you need to pause before clicking it.

    Here's some images:

    (edit added ship images)

    Check the first screen for controls.

    Here's the URL of the game:

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi, has anyone tried it? If so could you give me some feedback please? I'd appreciate it.

  • Hey Man, i tried and i like this a lot. (i'm not native speaking english, but i will try express me)

    I spend like +2h and conquered 50+ bases, found 3 bug and have some sugestions:


    -the number of base conquered change for 4 in the "boos fight" and in next sector change for normal

    -when you are a max ugrade, in the 3 first weapons when you click in de upgrade buttom, you gain the cost of the upgrade in money (the two types)

    -when you are in the menu upgrade and you click em menu buton in de corner, the graphics change likewise you activated and deactivated the tactical pause


    -make a speed upgradeble in the ship

    -make a guided missile for player and enemys

    -make small enemy, more fast

    -make the huge enemy more huge and more resistent, is easy defeat 4 at de same time with high upgrades

    -the order of de "money" in hud and in menu is not de same, make this confusing (the process to upgrade, collet money, and healing is confuse too)

    -put more them one node to trace a trajectory in de tatical pause (can be a upgrad)

    -make the "fog of war" more dark

    -in high level this game gets unbalanced (easy , you kill fast, but the enimes can kill you fast to if in groups)

    -make the "boss" huge one come with two fast and weak patrol ships with him

    I hated de fact of enemy can go outside screen em return healed [rs] and i cant use half speed pressing shift

    in general is a very good and optimizade game, the art is very beautiful, i like this, great work

  • Very awesome! its like a combination of "Starcraft" and "Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth". I didn't get very far (kept dying lol) so my only Suggestion is; instead of clicking constantly to move could you make it so you click and hold then move the mouse to change direction?

    other than that its an amazing game, beautiful graphics, and it took me back to my childhood.

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