Infinite procedural isometric world/Which tiles are better?

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  • So I got this infinite isometric world thing going. Besides the fact that I just want to get on here and say "Look what I made!!", I'm also curious as to which sort of tiles people enjoy most.

    I have two versions up. One with pixel-art style tiles and one with more realistic tiles (neither is final.. just testing). (movement speed is way higher on this one, so don't forget to stop and smell the roses, so to speak)

    (look around with arrow keys, or refresh to see other tiles)

    So I'm wondering.. which do you like better?

    I like them both quite a bit, but I think they lend themselves better to different kinds of games.

    To me, cartoony = RPG and realistic = RTS. If you can, convince me otherwise.

    So yeah.. curious and the thoughts, ready, go!


  • They're hard to compare since they look so similar. I don't really see pixel art in either of them. Sorry to sound so blunt, but I'm just saying what I'm seeing.

  • Hasuak That's interesting to hear.. I might only be seeing them as so different because I know how different they are.

    The first ones were made in paint. The realistic ones are just google searched actual images of things...

  • Don't forget that in isometric, vertical movement is twice that of horizontal.

    The tiles are half as tall as they are wide afterall.

    You don't have to do it that way of course, but it's quite obvious at higher speeds.

  • The two styles of tile looks generally way too similar. I can't tell them apart, even if you didn't tell me they were different sets.

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  • newt yeah, I haven't tried anything movement wise (honestly, I have no idea where I'm even going with this. haha!).. The only reason it's even there at the moment is for looking round at the tiles..

    LaDestitute Thanks for confirming what Hasuak said.. I still can't wrap my mind around it.. They seem very different to me.. but if I'm the only one who sees it that way, then I can use all the tiles - 'realistic' or otherwise.. so I'm not complaining!

    Thanks everyone for the responses!

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