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A procedurally generated infinite runner in 3D for Construct 3!
  • When a scientist trapped in another universe messes up his portal back to home, several universe become merged. As a result, you are flung into the unknown depths of a deep, dark, dungeon. You'll have to learn to fend for yourself, and fight creatures you'd never thought you'd encounter. Can you find the scientist? Will you be able to go back home?

    Infinite Dungeon is a top-down game where you go through randomly generated floors, full of challenges, and monsters. In-between floors, there is a pit stop area that has a Cafe, and a Stuff Store.

    This game is in its early stages. So far, there is only Singleplayer Mode, and there are 3 playable characters: David, Dolores, and Harry Seagall. Harry Seagall is unfinished.

    There are three different game modes: Story, Exploration, and Horde. At this point, only exploration mode works.

    As of now, the pit stop area doesn't appear because I need to finish some art before I can show it.

    I do have a demo to show you though:

    Infinite Dungeon Web Demo

    Make sure you turn Tutorial off though. Also not finished. Sorry.


    • W, A, S, D = Moving (International Keyboard Controls will be added soon!)
    • Left Click to Attack.
    • Right Click to use your special.
    • If you are playing as David, right click again to recall your sword.
    • Move over objects to pick them up.
    • Left Click on Chests while you are nearby to open!

    I wanted to see what you guys think! Any feedback would be great! I wanna hear what you guys have to say about the game! Remember though, this is still a WIP!

    Thanks for your time! C:

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  • InvaderX

    Hi, here is some feedback from me:

    • I find the small corridors ( in the story mode ) to be too narrow which makes them hard go through. I guess this is because your collision box is the same as the art and when you are at 45deg you will stuck.
    • after trying to play 'Story Mode' and got stuck two time I've read that it is still at wip stage. Maybe disable it for now?
    • I like the idea with the throwing sword
    • a restart button would be nice

    Overall I find the gameplay to be fun and I think it will only get better as you develop it further. Not sure what, but there is something with the collisions that I don't like. Maybe they are to big? At one point I've entered a room and immediately got hit by spikes.

    Anyway, good start.

  • atomoso

    Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it!

    I just uploaded a new version (0.1.8b), and I addressed some of the problems you said! Here's all that was added:

    • Fixed Collisions
    • Added Restart Button/Improved Death Screen
    • Added a New Enemy (Tobike)
    • Bug Fixes

    Have yet to disable Story Mode and Horde!

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